Pacific NW Glass Events, past & future

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The past couple of months had 2 Guild-sponsored studio tours and several other shows our members participated in:

Portland’s Open Studios in mid-September

Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art hosted Rachel Dollar, Terry Thomas, Lori LaRue and Theresa Videan at their new Rainier OR location
Evan Burnett’s studio in NW Portland was well worth the stair climb through the interesting Pickle Factory building.

Sondra Radcliffe and her partner were teaching a delighted visitor to cut glass at the time we were there

Richard Glenn was selling his own work, pieces from his glass collection and various supplies needing a new home.

Barbara Kienle hosted Stephanie Johnston. There was quite a diverse range of work between the two of them.

Linda Gerrard has large display space and also shows off her studio.
Carlyne Lynch hosted Rose McBride and Greta Schneider
Mitzi Kugler demonstrated her torchwork and displayed her finished work in her light filled studio

Margaret Eagle hosted Lyn Kennison and Mari Aoki Knight in her studio but no one has a photo!
Please send us photos if you are in or go to a glass event.

Guild sponsored Glass and Decor Studio Tour in Seattle

This was part of Refract, Seattle’s mid-October glass celebration. We had amazingly good weather except for the smoke.

David Smith blowing into driftwood during a Refract/Glass And Decor demonstration
David Smith shows off the resulting driftwood piece.
Janiene Fitzpatrick’s display
Lael Bennett talks with a customer
Karen Seymour’s lamps etc. during the Glass And Decor Studio Tour
Kathy Johnson nearly sold out in the first few hours
Bridget Culligan had a flock of owls and lots of other colorful items.

Sandy Spear forgot to take a photo. Charles Friedman was also on the tour but we have no photo of that either, however you can go to his studio sale Dec. 3-4 and see it in person

LOCAL 14 in Portland

Best Of the Northwest in Seattle

Please send us photos of your glass events!

Having a photo makes it so much easier to invite people to participate in an event next year. If you are part of or go to a glass event please take some photos and send the best 2 to the marketing team (400 to 600 px or “medium” resolution, about 500 KB, not more than 1MB).

General meetings in 2023

Zoom on the 4th Sunday of most months at 3:30pm. General Meetings topics for the year will be discussed during the January 9th Board meeting. Contact Rachel Dollar, our VP, if you have suggestions for future topics. You don’t need to be a member to attend our General Meetings but we would love to have you join.

Winter events (logged in members can submit their events here):

(Guild sponsored events are in bold)

to Dec 31 Charles Friedman “Seashell Museum” show, Seattle WA
18 SURVEY DEADLINE We will be discussing your input at the December 12th Board meeting

3 Guild Holiday Party 5pm, Beaverton OR (SW of Portland)
3-4 Charles Friedman studio sale, Seattle WA
4 Ornament Making Party/ Studio Sale, Wilsonville OR
10-11 Audubon Wild Arts, Portland OR
12 Board Meeting, 7pm Zoom
18 Guild Holiday Party, 11am, Seattle WA
18 Guild Holiday Party, Noon, Vancouver WA

9 Board Meeting 7pm Zoom
21 General Meeting 3:30pm, Zoom

28-30 Gathering of the Guilds, Portland OR