Exploring Your Member Benefits, Part 4

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Part of joining the Guild is your opportunity to talk about all aspects of working with glass with others who share our mutual glass interest. Each month we publish a list of our newest members in the current newsletter. We ask that you to reach out to welcome them, and especially if you are from the same general area.

How can you do that? Log in, go to “For Members” which now appears in the top menu and choose Member Contacts List. Type their name in the search and their contact info will pop up. Or if you want to hold a Play Day at your studio, you can sort the list by Zip or City and see who lives nearby (you may need to scroll sideways and show more than 10 records).

How do you find a member or teacher who shares your particular interest? In the Member Gallery and the Find a teacher page (both under “Glass” on the top menu) you can find contacts who teach a particular technique or who are perhaps willing to engage in individual coaching/teaching/delivering a special group workshop.

You can also network during Guild events. In addition to our monthly general meetings you’ll have two or three in-person events at which to talk glass with Guild members this spring: In Seattle there are 5 members on the ArtinBloomSeattle.com garden art studio tour and sale April 23-24. In Portland May 6-8 you can take part in one of the Guild’s biggest annual events The Gathering Of The Guilds, otherwise known as GotG (see related article). Even if you don’t currently sell your work you can volunteer or offer an extra bed to an out of town member. There will also be Play Day March 26th via Zoom and in-person south of Portland

One of the best ways to get to know each other is to attend the Board Meetings via Zoom to learn about the Guild and to express your ideas. You can volunteer to join a team or help with an event or even attend a Play Day. You can attend a General Meeting which focuses on a particular theme or topic and learn from the other members who attend and contribute. And don’t forget, if you know someone who is like minded but not a member, invite them to a General Meeting or even to join the Guild.

If you have other ideas on how to promote networking, please send them to Terry Thomas, our PNWGG President.