Member Benefits: Getting what you want

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Everyone I know well enough to have a discussion of this sort confesses to a need for some sort of creative outlet. It seems to be part of being human. For most of us in the Guild that creativity is expressed through glass. I invite you to take 5 minutes to share with us what would help you with your glass creativity and email it to me. I’ll compile the results and put them in the next newsletter anonymously (unless you specifically say I can quote you).

Joining together as the Guild we have more power to help each other in ways that would be difficult to do individually:

  • We get sponsors to give us discounts
  • We organize shows like Open Studios and Gathering of the Guilds to help you sell your work
  • Through the newsletter, website, email list, Facebook etc. we promote your events
  • Through General Meetings and Play Days we share glass techniques and business skills
  • Through picnics and parties we encourage you to get to know your glass neighbors so you can share molds, techniques, problem solving etc.

The “we” in the list above is a bunch of volunteers at all skill levels. We’ve found we get more out of the Guild when we put more into it. If you want the Guild to help you be more creative, you need to give us specifics. Write it down and email it as mentioned above. Attend a Board meeting (they’re on Zoom) and explain in person. Even better, volunteer along with us:

  • Help decide what the Guild does next year by being an officer: email the President for details
  • Help with the newsletter to connect with others: email the Editors
  • Join the team to fine tune the website so it is a better backbone of communication: email the Website Chair
  • Help with or organize a studio tour in your area to sell your work and talk glass: email Linda Gerrard or Karen Seymour
  • Get your favorite glass business to be a sponsor so you can save money: email the Sponsorship Chair
  • Organize a Play Day to explore new techniques: email the Event Coordinator
  • Come to one of the August Guild picnics: email the host in the event listing:
    -> August 6th in Battle Ground WA (near Portland)
    -> August 13th in Seattle

If you are not yet a member, please join today by clicking “Join” in the menu.