Looking For Fun Holiday Ideas?

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About this time last year several of us did a fun glass block project out at Marvelous Mosaic. The glass blocks are often on sale at the craft stores this time of year and it is a very fun, affordable and unintimidating project. You can use applique or mosaic processes…gluing your glass pieces to the glass block, then grouting between the pieces. You can use a combination of opal and transparent glass but the blocks are really great to use with lights inside so it makes sense to have enough transparent pieces of glass to transmit light and see your colors well. I left part of my block clear…filled it with tissue and holographic strips and then added tiny multi-colored lights. There is an opening on one side of the block so it is easy to add the lights. (You can aim that opening in any direction. I have mine on the bottom here.)

If you are worried about someone handling the side of the block with the nipped glass edges exposed. An easy solution is to add a row of large fused dots or strips (which is also decorative) around the outside of your design so there are no exposed sharp edges. These glass blocks work well with designs that are appropriate year round too…they don’t have to be just for a specific holiday. A great project for a glass “play day”. Have fun! –Greta Schneider

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