Have You Tried “Kiln Carving”?

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“Kiln carving” is a technique that creates the appearance of carving but there is no actual carving done on the glass. The process involves cutting a pattern or design in ceramic fiber paper, then stacking glass on top of the pattern and firing the piece in a kiln. As the glass is fired, it settles into the spaces between the fiber pieces creating the carved look. The recesses and shaping are created using your knowledge of how kiln temperatures, gravity and time work to move and shape glass

Greta Schneider experiments with fiber impressions

The pieces can be both relatively simple or complicated and both can be quite striking. It is a great way to do colorful garden art. Hold time is important and depends on the type and number of layers of glass used. Irids can have a really beautiful effect when used with this process. Kiln carving is really a lot of fun to experiment with. These are also a great way to use up small scrap bits of color or dichro or dots.

Greta Schneider kiln carving

Kiln Carving will be covered in our March general meeting in May at 3:30pm on Zoom!

Come and explore the possibilities for both simple and more complex art pieces. Just in time for Gathering of the Guilds too!