Guild Notes

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Renewal Problem: members please log in to be sure your membership is current. If it is not current the system should take you to the renewal page to pay for another year of membership. We chose not to set it to automatically renew, we only send you an invoice. Thank you in advance for the funds to keep the Guild going.

A small number of renewals have reported having their credit cards refused. This recent software bug may involve clicking on the “securely save to account” box located just before submitting the credit card information to finish paying. Try unchecking that box and resubmitting the payment. If you do have a problem please contact Karen Seymour for website help. Attaching a screen grab of the error message will be very helpful in getting the bug fixed. You can do that on Windows by pushing the “PrtScr” key on the upper row of the keyboard, opening an email by clicking my name above, click in the body of the email then right click and choose to paste into the email. You should see part of the contents of your screen in the email message (the whole thing is actually there, just too large to show).

Run for office: If you might be willing to serve a year as President, Secretary, Vice President, or Sponsorship Chair (or know someone with some relevant skills who might be convinced to run for office, i.e. you can help the nominating committee), please contact the current president for more information.

You’re part of the team: Please send in photos of your glass events, new techniques you’re trying, problems you’re having etc. so we may include them in the next newsletter!