Guild Notes

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The Board meeting April 3rd primarily discussed upcoming events: Gathering of the Guilds, the Vendor Fair, and the Rose Festival booth. The next Board meeting is June 5th

For a second year Lesley Kelly organized lots of members in putting on a great PNWGG part of the Gathering of the Guilds in Portland. See related article.

The Sponsorship team: Linda Gerrard, assisted by Rose McBride, added several new sponsors and updated our relationships with others. They also organized a great Vendor Fair in Beaverton OR See related article.

As mentioned elsewhere, please stop and say hi to the members in the Guild’s booth in the Maker’s Market at the Rose Festival.

Summer Picnics?
Karen Seymour has volunteered to host a potluck picnic brunch at her home in Seattle August 13th at 11am.
How about doing one for your area? There are quite a few members in SW Oregon (Eugene and Salem), another cluster near Bend and more near Longview WA. Even if there aren’t many members in your area you can announce a date and have some non-member glass friends over. If we stagger the dates in July and August maybe some of us from other areas will be able to come. Contact President Terry Thomas to schedule yours.

You’re part of the team: Please send in photos of your glass events, new techniques you’re trying, problems you’re having etc. so we may include them in the next newsletter!

Picnic in Seattle August 2022