Guild Notes

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January 9 was the first Board meeting of the new year. Meeting and event dates for the year were discussed. There was a report about the Gathering of the Guilds for 2023. Board meeting minutes will be posted for logged-in members to read under For Members>Guild Documents after they are approved

February 8th Board meeting (this is a Wednesday) 7pm

You’re part of the team: Please send in photos of your glass events so we have something for the next newsletter! Think about what you can to to help build the glass community:
• Host a Play Day yourself
• Zoom to the General meetings
• Attend members’ shows to encourage them in their work
• Put your events on the Guild Calendar.
• Lead in organizing an event in your area that you want to attend.

The Guild is like an umbrella: the website, email network, general meetings, and Facebook etc. allow us all to communicate much more effectively. An umbrella only works as well as it could for you if you help carry it! Pick a team to join.