General Meetings: Usually 4th Sunday 3:30 pm via Zoom

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• In lieu of a General Meeting in July or August, come and join your fellow glass artists at one of the regional area picnics! See the article in this newsletter or the Events calendar for more details.

• The September 29th General Meeting will discuss what’s involved with having your glass designs cut by waterjet. This is a good solution for teachers and those needing lots of circles etc. or those with intricate designs or thick glass. Someone from Portland Waterjet will be one of the speakers. Contact our VPs, Barbara Kienle and Carlyne Lynch, to get on the speakers list and share your waterjet project experiences.
Please also contact our VPs, if you have an idea for a future meeting topic.

• Did you miss a recent meeting but wish you hadn’t? General meetings are open to everyone but to view the recordings under Glass>Education you have to join the Guild. Then you can log in to see them.

There were difficulties recording the June meeting, so please find the video we showed to introduce Kelly Crosse Alge’s Sgraffito drawing techniques at the bottom of her home page

Some of the recent videos are unedited in order to make them available sooner. If someone wants to help their fellow members by editing them we’d really appreciate it, please contact our VPs to volunteer.