General Meetings: Usually 4th Sunday 3:30 pm via Zoom

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At the January 28th meeting, we will discuss “Using Enamels in Glasswork”. Sponsor Fusion Headquarters‘ owner Gil Reynolds will demonstrate how their lines of enamels work and which are best for certain types of work. Plus he will show some new techniques. We’ve also heard he may announce a short special sale on enamels for our members.

Several other people will be talking about other types of enamels and techniques (so far Greta Schneider and Rae Williamson)

On February 25th we will talk about “Ways to Use Your Scrap” Do you have an interesting way to use up scrap glass? Please contact our VPs so they can add you to the speaker lineup (and please send a photo of a scrap project for the March newsletter).

Enameled owl by Greta Schneider

The unedited November 2023 “Kid’s Projects” Meeting Recording is now available to logged in members under Glass>Education . Here are some images Rachel was trying to show in the video.

Did you miss a recent meeting but wish you hadn’t? Members can log in to view videos of recent General Meetings that have been uploaded to Glass>Education on the menu. Some of the recent ones are unedited in order to make them available sooner. If someone wants to help their fellow members by editing them we’d really appreciate it, please contact Karen Seymour to volunteer.