General Meetings 3:30, 4th Sunday via Zoom

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Slumping, Draping, Kiln Casting etc.

Barbara Cashman – talked about SilkeMat and how you use it. Lael Bennett gave information on how to fire on stainless steel screen without the glass sticking.

Leaf by Lael Bennett shaped by firing on stainless screen

Next meeting June 25th: Public Glass Art 3:30 via Zoom

Where do you find public art, how do you get such commissions, what challenges should you expect. We’re assembling a set of local artists who have done public installations. If you’ve got some experiences to share or know someone who might have, please contact VP Rachel Dollar to get in the speaker line up (it makes things run so much smoother to know who to call on next).

Guild Picnics instead of meetings in July and August