General Meeting Notes

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OCTOBER: Thank you to Rene Westbrook of Westbrook Photography and Jim Dittmer of JDA Creative Color for speaking at the October general meeting and sharing their expertise on photography. Rene talked about lighting and also the benefits of using cameras as opposed to phones. Jim talked about his experience working with photographing frit and sheet glass for a glass company and about using polarizing lenses or polarized sheets to get rid of most of the reflections that make photographing glass so challenging sometimes.

NOVEMBER: Kathie Wise spoke about using fusions (fused glass parts and pieces) in mosaics. Janiene Fitzpatrick talked about making holiday ornaments with high temp wire hangers and she also discussed some of the various glues she uses and why. Karen Seymour shared her instructions on how to do free standing Christmas trees made from two fired parts plus how to create her sparkly hanging icicle ornaments. And Rachel Dollar talked about using wood rounds as bases for ornaments and other designs plus ways to attach the wiring. Several other members shared their thoughts on various ways to do things in both meetings. Thanks so much to all who participated and shared ideas!

Janiene Fitzpatrick’s ornament glue comparison.
Rachel Dollar’s method of using tree rounds for stands