Gathering of the Guilds

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We had another very well attended and successful Gathering of the Guilds show this year! The new room and load in location presented some challenges but things went fairly smoothly and the new layout also worked quite well. We do not have specific numbers to in time to publish for this newsletter but those will come later.

Thank you to Lesley for all her hard work and patience coordinating things for the glass guild and to all the team leads and their volunteers (and Mitzi for setting up Sign Up Genius). Our guild also put on many glass demos each day that were well attended and much enjoyed so thank you to all the artists who participated in those.

This show is a lot of work and also costs quite a bit to put on, but is wonderful exposure not only for the artists who participate but for the art of glass in general. It helps give the public a much better understanding of what goes into producing a piece of glass art, and they also see the huge variety of techniques that we learn and use to produce our unique pieces of artwork.

Linda Roman, treasurer, and Lesley Kelly, president and PNWGG Gathering of the Guilds coordinator, did heroic service.

(Margie Rieff took most of the photos but forgot to get one of herself in her own booth. Lesley Kelly and Greta Schneider also sent photos. Thank you to all!)

Carlyne Lynch organized the demo schedule and gave demos while also selling her art (vitrigraph tools as Sponsor CR Lynch).

Nancy Mac & Shawna Hovey in Shawna’s Booth

Looking through Greta Schneider and Mitzi Kugler’s booth to Hanmi Meyer and her 1/2 booth

Dijenaire Frazier
(Yes he and Hanmi
both work at Bullseye)