Flowers – Did you know?

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Glass Flowers by Rae Williamson

There is something about flowers and how we associate them with beauty and affection. There is an instant warmth associated with flowers, no matter how bright or delicate, or fragrant full they are.

But has it occurred to you that there is a story behind all those flowers, beyond what our eyes can comprehend? Ever wondered where they come from? How did they get their name? When shall I give these flowers to someone? What would it mean if I gave them these flowers?

Just think, if the world is without the flowers, how would you feel? Speechless! The whole environment turns blank and dull. Flowers are like an ornament on the neck of woman, which enhances her beauty. Flowers not only beautify our earth but also give us many benefits.

The earliest known flower arranging dates back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians were decorating with flowers as early as 2,500 BCE. They regularly placed cut flowers in vases, and highly stylized arrangements were used during burials, for processions, and simply as table decorations.

Why do flowers make us happy?
Flowers can make us happy by triggering our happy brain chemicals: dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. … Flowers can help stimulate a sense of pride and excitement with others, and release serotonin – whether you grow them, buy them, give them, receive them or admire them from a distance.

How flowers help the world?
In fact, flowers help the environment around us in many ways…in providing the seeds that make it possible to grow more plants, flowers benefit the environment by creating more carbon dioxide absorbing and oxygen-radiating plants.

Why we love flowers?
This is a straightforward question to ask, but to answer this can be complex. Most of you will say they are beautiful. Right? But beyond this, there are many reasons why everyone loves flowers! Flowers are beautifully designed by nature to attract people. From ancient time till now (21st century and in further centuries) flowers have been playing their vital role in our life. Indeed, we can say that there is a significant relationship between flowers and human beings.

Stress Buster
Flowers work as a mood changer. When you receive flowers, your face instantly brightens with joy! They are proven to improve your overall worse mood and lift spirits. Waking up to a gorgeous arrangement of flowers around you on your nightstand will start your day off right and fill you with positive vibes. Sending flowers to someone when they are going through a tough time is so popular to boost up their mind and make them and you happier.


Perfect Gifting Option
Should you send a gift of flowers bouquet to your loved ones? We say yes! Flowers are one of the best and ideal gift you can give your loved ones on their special occasions and to lift their mood. From birthday celebration to Valentine’s day, people love to present flowers as a gift.

Healing Power
Flowers have many powers beyond beauty and emotions. In addition to many meanings and sentiments, they have been known to help cure medical diseases for many centuries now. Some flowers are known to fight against nausea and provide pain relief for example. This has lead to the creation of many health medicines from flowers and plants.

Unique Fragrance They Hold
Different flowers have different fragrances…have you noticed this? You love to get a whiff of your favorite flowers right? The fragrant aroma tickles your nose and pleases your soul.

Give Words To Emotions
Sometimes, it seems complicated to find the right words to express your emotions. And in that, flowers help you to speak your heart out. People would give their loved ones beautiful flowers to express their feelings of admiration and love. For years blossoms have been used as a way to send unspoken messages of the heart. This secret language is attractive and leads us to love flowers.

Following the protocol of Victorian-era etiquette, flowers were primarily used to deliver messages that couldn’t be spoken aloud. In a sort of silent dialogue, flowers could be used to answer “yes” or “no” questions. A “yes” answer came in the form of flowers handed over with the right hand; if the left hand was used, the answer was “no.”

Plants could also express aversive feelings, such as the “conceit” of pomegranate or the “bitterness” of aloe. Similarly, if given a rose declaring “devotion” or an apple blossom showing “preference,” one might return to the suitor a yellow carnation to express “disdain.”

How flowers were presented and in what condition were important. If the flowers were given upside down, then the idea being conveyed was the opposite of what was traditionally meant. How the ribbon was tied said something, too: Tied to the left, the flowers’ symbolism applied to the giver, whereas tied to the right, the sentiment was in reference to the recipient. And, of course, a wilted bouquet delivered an obvious message!

Different Shades
Nature gives us a beautiful gift, “flowers.” Different flowers have different colors, and every color defines various meanings. For example, the red rose symbolizes love and romance. On the other hand, the right roses or white flowers are known for respect and care to the person you offer these flowers. Yellow flowers are known for real friendship, whereas multiple flowers are known for bringing colors to life. There are a lot of meanings that we can’t simply explain in words, but the shades of flowers do. That is why everyone loves to present flowers as a gift to their loved ones on a special occasion.

The captivating timeless allure of flowers continues, “Flowers speak a beautiful timeless language, each having an ancient and spiritual meaning conveying messages beyond the spoken word… A gift of flowers can melt the heart and heal many a misunderstanding”

Illustrated postcard. Printed in England/The Regent Publishing Co Ltd.
Photo Credit Dumbarton Oaks Archives

On the next beautiful, sunny day, take a walk around your garden or neighborhood and pay close attention to fragrance. Which scents spur your recollection of a favorite childhood memory or remind you of a loved one? Snap a quick photo or make a note of them, then look for them next time you’re at the nursery. Create new memories for those you share your garden with by filling it with the sweet perfume of fragrant flowers and plants and decorating it with beautiful flowers made from glass.