Flower Power In Glass!

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We are all really looking forward to this Spring and Summer and all the bright colorful flowers that signal this change of seasons! Flowers are a particularly good subject for glass art! You can do something complicated and realistic or something abstract and loose. Flowers make everyone feel good (plus there are no allergies with glass flowers and they never wilt!) Almost any glass technique will produce attractive flowers and they are also a perfect theme for using up all sorts of scrap! Flowers come in so many sizes and shapes and colors…. it is something you can really have fun with and also use as an easy subject when experimenting with some new techniques. If just can’t think of what to do next…. a flower is a great place to start! Plus, pieces containing flowers are wonderfully appropriate for so many holidays or special occasions like Mother’s Day coming up in May or for those beautiful June brides!

Here are some lovely examples of flowers created by a number of our members using a variety of glass techniques.

Cheryl Chapman lidded box. Using her reverse enamel technique.
Cheryl Chapman pup and flowers commissioned glass enamel piece.
Cheryl Chapman reverse enamel bowl.
Bridget Culligan’s piece with handmade Fremont art glass,water glass, lead came, German jewels.
Bridget Culligan’s Tulip piece, Spring, Summer, Fall, with English muffle glass,stained glass and jewels.
Bridget Culligan, Fremont glass with lead came.
Kory Dollar from Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art glass on glass mosaic
Kory Dollar glass on glass mosaic
Rhonda Farfan’s detailed mosaics. Lily, outdoor piece.
Rhonda’s Nasturtiums, an outdoor piece,with fused glass inclusions.
Rhonda Farfan Morning Glories. Outdoor piece.
Athena Hornsby stained glass lamp.
Athena Hornsby stained glass with beveled glass additions. Window piece.
Athena Hornsby stained glass plus beveled glass accents.
Stephanie Johnston, fused glass. She used a Laurie Spray Fantasy Flower Tutorial with her own changes.
Stephanie Johnston
Stephanie Johnston fused glass
Kathy Kollenburn fused glass flower garden stakes.
Kathy Kollenburn fused glass.
Kathy Kollenburn fused glass curved stand with flowers.
Carlyne Lynch torch work and fused glass heart plus glass stand
Carlyne Lynch torch work fused glass parts on glass heart.
Caryne Lynch torch work and fused glass large plate.
Lyn Kennison fused glass flowers.
Gerald McBride torch work and fused glass.
Gerald McBride torch work and fused glass rose.
Rose McBride Tiffany method stained glass.
Rose McBride stained glass.
Rose McBride stained glass.
Rae Williamson fused glass powder flowers add bright color to a metal thrift shop purchase!
Sarah Miller piece made by carefully arranging scrap from a pot melt.
Greta Schneider glass on glass mosaic using scrap glass.
Greta Schneider sgraffito done in black powder during a powder challenge.
Greta Schneider powder and dichroic scrap
Greta Schneider coral powder technique and fused scrap flowers.
Karen Seymour glass on glass applique table.
Karen Seymour glass on glass applique table.
Karen Seymour fused cherry tree lamp.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our glass flower theme. Our theme for the next newsletter will be nature! Please submit 1-3 images with a brief description of your process. Please send JPG’s if at all possible to Greta Schneider by April 12th.