Flash Challenge Results

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The Flash Play Day (see the link for firing schedules) was fun but most participants hadn’t had time during the holidays to finish their projects. Here are two variations explored by Karen Seymour:

Powder on clear with circular stencils

Set for first firing. The rectangles are powder on clear for the other project

Stacks of circles ready for second firing to melt them to puddles. The black steel frame is to keep them from running off the edge if I miscalculated.

The bottom side of melted stacks is sharper. It is the top that spreads out.

3 of the 6mm puddles set to smoosh to 3mm. As you can see in the next photo smooshing exudes the center of the 6mm and blurs the colors.

After the smoosh all 5 pieces were slumped. Here are the final bowls.

The second project was to cut 3/4 tall strips of flash glass (the rectangles in photo 2 above) and then cut them into patterns:

Pieces stacked, dammed, and ready to fire.

Resulting pieces from previous firing ready to melt into 6mm puddles

The resulting 6mm pieces ready for slumping

The final bowls

The Next Newsletter Challenge:

Use your scrap glass, created by any method, in an art piece and send us a photo by March 1st so we can show off your work in the March Newsletter.