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It all started in Jr. High with a Ronco Bottle & Jug Cutter and an infatuation with tools, crafts and Scout badges. John knew he would make his living with his hands but when he saw a teacher working on a stained glass window, the fascination with Art Glass began.

The first windows built in his dad’s garage brought in a lot more cash than mowing lawns. It was only natural that his first job after high school was a small stained glass shop in El Segundo, CA that he opened with his brother Steve (now a Pastor). Besides, in the mid 70’s it seemed the best way to avoid having to get a haircut.

Business was good and soon John needed a helper. Today that helper is the workshop manager. Saturday class came next because if we didn’t pass it on, the craft would die like so many other noble endeavors. To provide for students and friends he bought glass and supplies to sell.

Along the way a used hand beveling machine became available and a loan from dad made it all happen. John Williams found this to be the winning combination: Goods, Services, & Craft. This was the natural progression of Pacific Artglass.

Goods: We wish to provide the best in Art Glass tools and materials at the best price. In doing so we hope to proliferate the Art Glass craft by making those hard to find items available to students and the Art Glass professional. Some of the relationships with our vendors go back 25 years or more. We have all grown up together. If you need something special, Jim Dunham, our warehouse manager can probably order it for you. We support and protect our retailers. We will only sell wholesale to a bona fide re-seller or professional glass studio.

Services: we fabricate or acquire components for commercial artists and hobbyists alike. Whether it be small dichroic glass shapes, cut on our water jet, laser etching or custom cut and polished bevels, we are considered to be the studio of choice by many successful designers. We also have some fine designers on our staff as well. For more information, see: Services.

Craft: We talk about craftsmanship, that mysterious mix of technical skill and artistic inspiration that is so elusive. It never was just about the money. Even though John is known in architectural circles as one of the best glass benders in the business, he is still involved in the beginning fusing class, given four times a year. For us, “craft” is something that is always in balance, science and art, tradition and innovation, all at the same time.

In our leaded glass workshop we may be restoring an antique, museum quality church window, while in our art department we can accept any digital file format for your production job, be it glass-etching, water jet cutting or custom bevels.

Simply, we are a family business. We hope to be a part of your family as well.