Featured Sponsor: Joanie Schwartz Glass

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Our newest sponsor, Joanie Schwartz Glass, is located inside Joanie’s gallery, Moonwater Arts, which just reopened in a larger space at 702 Commercial Avenue in the heart of ‘Old Town’ Anacortes. The gallery includes Joanie’s fused glass art, along with a variety of artwork from seventy local and national artists, mainly women. Joanie has filled the gallery with “intention, passion, and love” and selected artists who she believes help advance her vision of infusing the world with light, beauty, hope and joy.

Joanie in her classroom

A creator since childhood, Joanie has always loved art. Encouraged by their mother, she and her five siblings all grew up to become artists. Self-trained, Joanie began working with glass to create mosaics about 10 years ago, then learned how to fuse glass to further enhance her pieces. Now, she works almost exclusively with fused glass, although many of her pieces reflect a mosaic aesthetic.

Joanie’s true passion is teaching and helping people create their own vision. She says, “I love to see people’s faces when their work comes out of the kiln. It’s magical!” Her classes are small and personalized, with usually about 6 people each, although the new gallery space provides room for private groups of 8-10 people. Look at the class schedule at JoanieSchwartzGlass.com and secure a spot in one of her numerous workshops. You’ll get a chance to work with Joanie one-on-one to create your very own masterpiece, even if you’ve never worked with glass before. In Joanie’s eyes, everyone is a creator!

Joanie and friends getting ready to re-open in their new space

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