Featured Sponsor: CR Lynch

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For several hundred years, glass crafts people have created murrine, small slices of cane traditionally created in a hot shop crucible. This ancient technique required hot glass to be melted in crucibles around the clock. The Vitrigraph kiln changed that and now within a few hours artists can replicate this hot shop process and produce cane and elements for their fusing glass projects.

I sell 4” pots, 5” pots, and 7” pots designed for Vitrigraph. I also make custom bottoms for specialty pulls. Classes on designing pots offered. Members: log in and check the About> Sponsor page to see how to get a discount.

Carlyne Lynch and Greta Schneider pulling cane out of one of these pots in a vitrigraph kiln.

Examples of pots and different bottoms. Available in 4″, 5″ and 7″.