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Thank you to the entire Pacific Northwest Glass Guild for allowing AAE Glass to be a small part! I know several members have worked with Tanya Veit and AAE Glass in the past and we always appreciate your support. We are currently offering your members a Coupon Code for the year. [Log-in to PNWGlassGuild.org and choose About>Our sponsors to see more details].

If you haven’t heard of AAE Glass or Tanya Veit, we are on online, fused glass education center, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer. Tanya Veit is an online educator, pioneer in the industry and has had a hand in shaping the way most online glass education is consumed these days. Tanya’s original tutorials became so popular, that in 2016 she decided to change the focus of AAE Glass from in-person teaching to producing her own online, educational video tutorials for the newly born AAE Glass Education Centre. Tanya has been focused on producing video content ever since.

My name is Mark Veit, Tanya’s brother-in-law. We have been working together for the past 12 years. You may have also seen Michelle Glass on social media, she is Tanya’s sister and part of the AAE Glass family. John Veit, Tanya’s husband, my brother, and Michell’s brother-in-law is someone you may have met at the Florida studio or spoken to on the phone or over email. This is true family business.
Tanya is a self-taught artist who started out using other mediums before finally being drawn into fused glass. She is artistic by nature and grew up surrounded by art in various forms. She began selling finished pieces at shows, galleries, on eBay, Etsy, Artfire, etc. and branched out into selling supplies which is how AAE Glass began. Once she introduced her decals, not only did her glass jewelry sales rise, but it opened the door to producing decals for other artists who saw the same appeal. First it was decals, then silver settings, then chains, bails, and other supplies, then a Bullseye Glass Kiln Glass Resource Centre, then the release of the AAE Glass Education Centre and next will be the biggest thing Tanya has ever done. It is the release of a brand new, online, interactive learning platform unlike anything in the industry. Months in the making, we are almost at the finish line and by the time this article is released, we will just about be there, so stay tuned for AAE Glass updates.

Artwork by Tanya Veit
Artwork by Tanya Viet

In addition to offering online education, Tanya has created several products that are only available at AAE Glass. Simple Screens were developed to make screen printing on fused glass more accessible for glass artists around the world. Designing and creating these screens is an involved process that AAE Glass does for you. Tanya’s waterslide decals are another example of these products. They fire true in shape and color. Tanya works directly with Howard Sandberg of CBS Dichroic Glass to create custom dichroic glass colors, patterns and shapes built around her favorite colors and techniques. Big Mouth paints are another product Tanya has brought in. The consistency of these paints allows Tanya to create the look she wanted. She doesn’t just release products to the industry though, she offers several video tutorials showing how to use the products as well as some projects that can be made with them. We know firsthand testing can get expensive. Tanya does her best to save you as much time and money as possible by showing you step-by-step instructions.

The biggest news to come out of AAE Glass in years is that Tanya has created a new subscription platform and learning experience that has not been seen in our industry. Here is a sneak peek into just a few of the perks included in your membership.

There is so much more that I can’t list now, but as you can see, Tanya is making herself more available to anyone who wants to learn and grow right beside her. It’s important to Tanya to reach as many glass artists as possible around the world and this platform will do that. The work and time put into this project is unlike anything we have done, but the results are going to be amazing and we want to share them with you.
If you have any questions or have ideas of topics your would to discuss when we are up and running, please email them to info@aaeglass.com and we will do our best to implement them. This platform is going to grow and evolve as we settle in, so this as much your project as ours.

• Your membership includes LIVE monthly Q & A sessions with Tanya on specific glass topics such as marketing, organizing your space, tutorials, troubleshooting and more.

• Your membership includes monthly inspirational video tutorials from Tanya Veit. A great way to help break open your creative process.

• Your membership included immediate access to several fundamental glass fusing videos on topics like: cold working, cutting basics, tool demos and demonstrations of new products in the industry. New content added monthly.

• Your membership includes an exclusive community where you can comment, share photos, have private discussions with your peers or ask Tanya questions without the “noise” of social media.

• Your membership includes a color palette library created by Tanya using Bullseye glass swatches for inspiration when creating your own projects. New palettes are added frequently.

We recently made two very important business decisions that have our customer’s best interest in mind. AAE Glass is NOT raising our Bullseye Glass prices with the rest of the industry. We feel this is an area we can help current artists beat the inflation that seems to be everywhere. The second thing we were able to do is lower our shipping costs by an average of 15% across the board. Yes, we still offer Free Shipping to qualified retail orders over $200, but these new saving will affect all orders, including wholesale customers. Ordering Bullseye Glass from AAE Glass just got more affordable. We hope by continuing to work for you, that you will AAE Glass your supplier. Don’t forget to use your Guild coupon code when ordering supplies.

Again, a huge thank you from all of us at AAE Glass and we look forward to seeing you soon! Stay tuned for more detailed information about the new learning platform anywhere you consume AAE Glass news. In the meantime, you can find more up to the minute information about what is happening with Tanya and AAE Glass here:
AAEGlass.com https://www.aaeglass.com/
AAE Glass Facebook Education Page https://facebook.com/groups/AAEGlassjewelry
AAE Glass YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/aaeglass/videos
AAE Glass Education Center https://www.aaeglass.com/educaton-center

Artwork by Tanya Viet