Featured Artist: Michelle Galli, Depoe Bay, OR

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Michelle Galli

Born and raised in California I spent most of my vacations at the seaside.  My love of the ocean inspired my move to the beautiful Oregon coast when I retired.  I have always been involved in arts and crafts and have played with multiple mediums from oils and acrylics to polymer clay, sewing and cake decoration. I was particularly infatuated with the translucent nature of glass with it’s brilliant colors and with the sparkle of dichroic glass.


I started fusing and making my own jewelry after taking a class at the local community center.  That 1st class was more than 25 years ago.  What  started as a hobby has progressed to a passion for glass and a creative outlet that provides art therapy and intriguing challenges. I have taken classes with many talented glass artists and am looking forward to attending more when the pandemic subsides.  I find that I am continually learning new things and love that my fellow glass artists are so willing to share information.

I find endless inspiration in the marine environment, and by all of the colors, textures, shapes, & designs found in nature. I use primarily Bullseye glass which is made locally in Portland Oregon.  This was another perk of moving up here.  I can drive to Bullseye glass factory. 

I use various techniques including hand painting enamels, copper inclusions, and multiple kiln firings at different temperatures to create my pieces. I am so fortunate to live in a beautiful area surrounded by nature and to have several glass buddies living close by.  We have lots of fun getting together, sharing information and experimenting with glass techniques. We always laugh and say “you can never have too much glass.”  We just need more time to play!