Featured Artist: Linda Roman, Washougal WA

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I grew up in a flourishing craft city in upstate NY. Taking advantage of the rich culture, I took many classes from Genesee Arts Co-Op and RIT to become a potter. I enjoyed this craft for more than 15 years.  When I moved to the West Coast, I became interested in glass, and I took a Mosaic class with a friend at Marvelous Mosaics Fine Arts.  After that I was hooked! I love glass with all the different colors and textures.  The class was great, and our teacher Kory Dollar was so knowledgeable and patient. Since then, I have gone on to take several other classes from Kory to extend my knowledge in color, composition and glass cutting. To broaden my glass experience I have taken classes at Bullseye and Melt. Both are excellent resources to learn different techniques. 

Through friends I joined the PNW Glass Guild and was cajoled into becoming the Guild’s treasurer. I’m now in my second two-year term. And despite the hard work, it’s been a great way to meet other artists in the Guild. 

I have shown my work at the 2023 PNWGG Gathering of the Guilds (GOTG), Shirley Bishop’s Open Studio tour last September, and the Portland Artisan Holiday Market. I will be at this year’s 2024 PNWGG GOTG at a group booth and also as a cashier on April 19-21st in Portland. I hope to see you there!