Featured Artist: Kate Nicklos, Washougal WA

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I have been attending  one or two glass fusing classes per year for 20 years!  This does not make for an experienced craftsman!  I have to relearn everything each year.  But my passion for anything glass began immediately, when I toured the art glass manufacturers here in the PNW 20 years ago.  What a privilege to be exposed to so much diversity and talent in the art glass field.

I joined the PNW Glass Guild a few years ago at the behest of Sheri Spurlock, the owner of  Melt Glass.  She informed me of the discounts available to Guild members.  Soon after, I attended Guild meetings and special events and found this open, glass-enthusiastic community.  It has been a wonderful experience from the get-go; from becoming aware of all the fusing techniques to the camaraderie of other enthusiasts.  This past year I attended classes offered by Ann Cavanaugh and Kory Dollar – learning two completely different glass techniques.

Now I am in a position to focus, which I’ve yet to do!  My goal is to solidly understand the techniques of glass fusing and glass-on-glass mosaic work. In appreciation to the Guild for what it has offered me, I’m serving this year as Membership Chair.  As with any organization, there are too few people and too little time to cover all the duties to make it run smoothly.  It’s my privilege to be here!  Hope to meet you all along the way!