Featured Artist – Carlyne Lynch

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Carlyne Lynch, from Wilsonville, Oregon, is stepping into the role of Co-Vice President of the Board for 2024. Carlyne is a member of Artistic Portland Gallery, a cooperative gallery of 24 artists who run, manage and staff the Gallery

Utilizing a variety of techniques in her glass work, she combines torch work, glass powder, glass pieces, and glass paint to create multiple layer pieces. While doing some bead work, lately she has been making more elements to embed in glass. With a vitrigraph kiln, Carlyne creates much of her own cane.

For her fused work, Carlyne uses several layered techniques and confesses to always feeling surprised when the kiln opens. She comments, “Working with glass is fun and challenging and allows me to harness my abundance of energy in a creative way.” She just built a teaching studio and recently started teaching classes in Vitrigraph design, watercolor technique and layered elements.

Carlyne is eager to serve on the Board in 2024. “I have been in the PNW Glass Guild for eight years and served as your webmistress for four and a half years. I look forward to this coming year serving with a wonderful group of volunteers.”