Featured Artist: Bridget Culligan, Seattle

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Who am I? I am a glass artist.

What drives me? Passion. Lifelong learning. No matter what you think you know, glass is in charge and continues to engage, challenge, and inspire me. From the first time I saw a hand-blown vessel, I was hooked on the liveliness of the color. I eat up the challenge. I am a person who wants to win and when an opportunity arises I am likely to say, “Well, I’ve never done that before, but YES, I can do it”, and then I find a way.

When working out a custom design I start with the intention of communicating an emotion with such power and clarity that my client can actually feel the same thing. This is miraculous! We can never be sure of course if it is the SAME feeling, but that is my goal.

How can I grow as an artist? I grow my skills through community. I have found my tribe and we geek out about all things stained glass. My community is my greatest resource. I am an apprentice learning an ancient craft from master craftsmen. From my first teacher who has been “doing stuff” for 40+ years to the wonder of watching Jim at Fremont Antique Glass, to attending conferences with SGAA [Stained Glass Association of America] and GAS [Glass Art Society], to collecting a library of books, I want to know it deeply. I am grateful to others who have been so generous with me regarding their time, experience and resources. Without them I don’t exist.

Who am I? A woman, an elder, and an explorer who is filled with curiosity and who is filling my basket with wisdom. I am a glass artist, one among a chosen, a lucky few (like you) and aren’t we blessed!

Bridget Culligan