Featured Artist – Becky Meinhart

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Becky Meinhart is the incoming 2024 PNW Glass Guild Secretary. She is from Gresham, Oregon. Becky’s fascination with fused glass began twenty-five years ago. She was familiar with ‘blown’ glass, having worked for a glass blower while in her teens. However, ‘fusing’ was a new concept she was compelled to learn what it meant to fuse glass. Having shared her intrigue with a friend, she began taking classes, joining the Oregon Glass Guild and learning multiple techniques from some of the finest glass professionals on the planet! She notes, “While the Guild was always a great resource in so many ways, I was privileged to learn from some of the finest artist/teachers: Ann Cavenaugh, Mark Hufford, Alicia Lomne’, Kelly Crosser-Alge, and the list goes on.”

The areas of glass art that interest Becky the most are deep scenery pieces (thank you Ann!), enamels on glass, lighting (which requires collaborating with metal artists), and, more recently, mosaic work. Having experienced many changes in her life, which resulted in a hiatus from glass work for several years, Becky has recently relocated back to Oregon, from Washington, and is setting up her studio and looking forward to creating again.

Becky is excited about serving on the Board. “The PNWGG has been a great organization and I am grateful for the wonderful members I have known over the years and look forward to serving again and meeting new members!”