Featured Artist – Barb Kienle

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Barb Kienle is the incoming 2024 Board Co-Vice President.

Barb lives in Portland and attended the Gathering of the Guilds for many years. She always found herself drawn to the Glass Guild section, marveling at the beauty of the pieces and the talent of the artists. One year her husband gave her a kiln for Christmas. She has no idea how he decided that was a gift she would want or use, but it sat in its box for two years in the garage. With an all-consuming career and very little free time, she felt overwhelmed by learning how to use a kiln. However, as her retirement approached, Barb decided to take a class at Bullseye Glass.

In the class, Barb learned how to cut glass and made a simple plate. Very basic, but it was enough to boost her confidence and she went home to unpack the kiln. That was 5 years ago. Basically self-taught through videos and trial and error, Barb credits some wonderful artists she has met along the way who have generously shared information and techniques with her. She tries to pay that forward when meeting others who are learning.

Barb enthuses, “I love the texture of tack and contour fusing and I love flowers and beach scenes. I do a couple events a year to sell things so I can replenish my glass supplies.” She now splits her time between Portland and Arizona. When they decided to spend the winters in Arizona a few years ago, she told her husband that she could not go 5 months without doing glass, so they set up a small studio space in their garage in Arizona. Barb loves being able to work all year with glass and hosts open studio times for friends in AZ.

Barb joined the Glass Guild at the suggestion of a friend who said it was a great way to be part of the glass community and learn from others. She reflects, “I am not the most outgoing person, but have tried to participate in some of the events and have always felt welcomed. I look forward to sharing the Vice President position with Carlyne Lynch and continuing to learn from all of you.”