Communications: Buy, Sell, Announce, Send Ideas…

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Tooting your own horn: the new website has two forms to communicate your info to the Pacific NW Guild’s readership. They are under About>Contacts

Anyone can use the Classifieds form (the top button) to send an ad to the membership about glass-related things for sale or to find an artist to make a window, repair something broken, teach a technique etc.

Members: log in to use the second button. Fill in the form and a volunteer will post your glass-related event onto the Events Calendar. You might also want to go to the PNWGlassGuild Members Group on Facebook and post your info yourself.

Further down the Contacts page are forms anyone can use to reach different Guild officers and teams. Of special note is the “send the Zoom link” form. Our Zoom procedures are in transition to a more secure method. Until this is finalized we may have hiccups, please be patient with us. In the meantime use this form if things don’t seem to be working and we’ll send you the link.

On the receiving end: As former OGG members may have noticed, the new has 5 types of email you can subscribe to rather than just the one (see the Email help file for more info). This allows you to fine tune what you get and not lose an important event reminder at the bottom of a long Classified. Even those who are not yet members and just subscribing to the newsletter have the option to also receive the weekly Public News, usually reminders of events happening within the next week to 10 days.