2023 Board of Directors

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The 2023 PNWGG Board of Directors are:

  • President – Terry Thomas
  • Vice President – Rachel Dollar
  • Secretary – Haley Wigent
  • Co-Treasurers – Linda Roman and Kate Nicklos
  • Sponsorship Team Lead – Linda Gerrard (need a candidate for 2024)
  • Membership Team Lead – Kate Nicklos
  • Newsletter Team Lead – Greta Schneider
  • Communications Team Lead – Stephanie Johnston
  • Website Team Lead – Karen Seymour


Congratulations and thank you to the newly elected officers for 2024: Lesley Kelly, President, Becky Meinhart, Secretary, and Barbara Kienle and Carlyne Lynch, co-vice-presidents

Thanks also to those who are serving another term: Linda Roman, treasurer, and Terry Thomas, past president, as well as to those who served the past two years and are now leaving the Board: Rachel Dollar and Haley Wignet

We are looking for members to shadow board members and/or join the various teams in the upcoming year. This will aid in a smoother transition as new board members step up in the future. It also gives you a chance to see behind the scenes and what it takes to keep the Guild engaging and relevant in your glass journey. Reach out to Terry Thomas (president@pnwglassguild.org) to volunteer or if you have any questions.