2022 GotG: Glassies Have Returned!

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This year’s Gathering of the Guilds was truly exciting! PNW Glass Guild members Kory and Rachel Dollar, Sharon Dunham, Janiene Fitzpatrick, Kim Lawrence, Carlyne Lynch, Lesley Kelly, Lyn Kennison, Mari Aoki Knight, Mitzi Kugler, Lisa Mustain, Rose and Gerald McBride, Karla Fant Piatt, and Greta Schneider proudly showcased their work. Everyone praised Lesley Kelly’s ability to keep everything running smoothly. Carlyne Lynch did publicity. Mitzi Kugler coordinated and scheduled volunteers. Linda Roman and Kate Nichols handled sales in the group booth. There were also many additional volunteers without which the show couldn’t have happened: Shelby Anderson, Kim Graham, Jennifer Hart, Anita Harting, Kevin Kanyo, Teresa Kaufman, Barbara Kienle, Gary Knight, Kari Kugler, Rob Lawrence, Eric True, Mr. Piatt, Debbie Vourtas, Kathie Wise as well as several others whose names didn’t get written down. We thank you all.

Once the show opened, our eyes were met with a visual smorgasbord of glass treats. We had color, form, depth, texture, composition, and value. A variety of Glass Mediums were featured: Stained Glass, Mosaics, Fused Glass, Torchwork, and combinations of all. The show had fine craft items as well as fine art. It offered a break from looking at glass on our computer and smartphone screens to view glass and its depth of colors, transparency and light reflection!

Kim Lawrence sets up for her very first show.

Kory and Rachael Dollar demonstrated and displayed new visual art approaches to glass-on-glass mosaics and utilization of fused component pieces. Rose and Gerald McBride displayed stained glass art and new “slider” painterly glass. Greta not only brought her fabulous jewelry but also her enamel animal portraits. Lisa created customized stands out of metal to showcase her playful little monsters. Janiene Fitzpatrick showed her extreme mastery of her kiln with her giant flowers. Mitzi Kugler had her beautiful scenic pieces and her popular solar glass flowers.

The Ukraine donations table

Lesley Kelly created the Ukrainian fund raising table and stacked it with great donations. Lyn had a catchy corner booth that had a little of everything. Carlyne provided diagrams and introduced anyone near her booth to information about vitrigraph. She also displayed truly original vitrigraph / murrini landscapes and slider art pieces. Karla Fant Piatt’s animals with flowing lines artfully captured motion. Mari Aoki Knight showed her lovely glass flower jewelry.

Carlyne Lynch says “For me, the best part of the show was to view and experience the glass landscapes of our PNW Glass Guild artists. Their pieces were invitations to share parts of their lives. We all worked hard to make this a colorful and joyful experience. Our volunteers helped with set-up of the “Gallery” featuring many fine pieces. All of us were exhausted by show’s end but we hung together and talked, shared experiences and our glass knowledge, as we sold our diverse array of art”. Here are some videos Carlyne took at the show part 1, part 2, and part 3

Come to the Guild General Meeting May 22 at 3:30 pm via Zoom for a discussion of this and other recent events. We’ll also discuss future Guild events.