Featured Sponsor: Roses Glassworks

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In the beginning, there was Roses Glass & Gifts. A small gift shop that included stained glass and lessons.
Several years later a fair Damsel named Pam stumbled across this store, took some lessons, became a teacher, and thus decided to purchase this small store with her husband Mitch – The knight in dented armor.

Over the next year, the store was registered as “Roses Glassworks Art Glass School Inc.” The small building was cleaned, painted , gifts gone – glass art filled the studio, inventory changed and expanded, everyone happy, and the Kingdom thrived.

Roses has not only survived the last couple decades under the tender care of Pam and Mitch, but has grown to be a first class adult art school, glass art studio and retail supplier giving people almost anything they could desire within the Art Glass Realm.

Roses Glassworks carries 96 COE fusible glass with supplies, many different manufacturers of stained glass, clear textured glass, and above all, Roses Glassworks strives to keep all the dragons at bay by keeping all shelves full.

Come visit us some fortnight, or seek us out online. www.rosesglassworks.com / (5030 246-9897
Roses Glassworks Art Glass School , 10105 SW Hall Blvd. Portland Oregon 97223
info@rosesglassworks.com Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 6pm , Friday 10am – 3pm , Saturday 10am – 4pm