Featured Sponsor: Roses Glassworks

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In the beginning, there was Roses Glass & Gifts. A small gift shop that included stained glass and lessons.
Several years later a fair Damsel named Pam stumbled across this store, took some lessons, became a teacher, and thus decided to purchase this small store with her husband Mitch – The knight in dented armor.

Over the next year, the store was registered as “Roses Glassworks Art Glass School Inc.” The small building was cleaned, painted , gifts gone – glass art filled the studio, inventory changed and expanded, everyone happy, and the Kingdom thrived.

Roses has not only survived the last couple decades under the tender care of Pam and Mitch, but has grown to be a first class adult art school, glass art studio and retail supplier giving people almost anything they could desire within the Art Glass Realm.

Roses Glassworks carries 96 COE fusible glass with supplies, many different manufacturers of stained glass, clear textured glass, and above all, Roses Glassworks strives to keep all the dragons at bay by keeping all shelves full.

Come visit us some fortnight, or seek us out online. www.rosesglassworks.com / (5030 246-9897
Roses Glassworks Art Glass School , 10105 SW Hall Blvd. Portland Oregon 97223
info@rosesglassworks.com Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 6pm , Friday 10am – 3pm , Saturday 10am – 4pm

Welcome to Our Newest Sponsors

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Marvelous Mosaics

Marvelous Mosaic specializes in stained glass on glass mosaics. We offer retreats, classes, custom mosaics, shower and backslash installs and much more! https://marvelousmosaic.com/

Kory Dollar is a stained glass mosaic artist from the Pacific Northwest. She has been creating colorful mosaics for 23 years and is a self-taught artist.
Kory uses a wide range of materials to create her mosaics searching far and wide for unique bits and pieces that can be turned into treasures. She strives to keep items out of the landfill by recycling stained glass, antique bottles, vintage windows, and just about any piece she can find beauty in. She uses color and texture to create 3-dimensional elements in nature and fantasy. All of the works of art she creates are one-of-a-kind and assembled one piece at a time, making sure every piece is placed perfectly. Kory uses a broad range of materials, shaping them to fit like puzzle pieces, combining texture, reflectivity, and spacing to achieve her vision. She is intrigued by mandalas, nature, and the human body. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings; “I watch nature and people, studying movement, expression, tone, and light. I allow my imagination free reign, creating vivid themes and dramatic expressions for others to interpret.”

Glass Expressions

Glass Expressions has been in business in Burien since 1974.  Glass Expressions sells fusing glass and supplies in addition to standard stained glass supplies. We’ve been doing custom stained glass projects and repairs since 1983. M Kathy Johnson teaches basic stained glass and bead making. Her business partner, Lael Bennett teaches beginning fusing, reactive glass fusing and jewellery fusing classes. In normal times we offer our students and semi-experienced stained glass artists an open-lab membership program. We also have kilns available for firing projects for customers who don’t have their own kilns. “We hope to see you soon.”


Thanks to our Sponsors!

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These companies and organizations are an integral part of the glass art community. We thank our Sponsors for supporting our Guild through either generous donations or by offering discounts to our Members. Please take time to thank them for their generosity when you visit their businesses.

Gold Level Sponsors

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Silver Level Sponsors

Colour de Verre – Artifex Toolworks – Glass Alchemy – D&L Art Glass – HIS Glass Works – Bonny Doon

From One of Our Sponsors—The Last Stand

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Gerald McBride:
I’ve always liked wood. There is something soothing in shaping and polishing a piece of wood and making it your own. I never wanted to work construction carpentry or that kind of wood-work, just the personal, touchy kind of woodwork.

Sponsor: The Last Stand, Gerald McBride

This might seem a little out there in a glass guild setting, but for years I worked with wood in my spare time, but always wanted to slump glass as a hobby. Now I have a bit more time on my hands everyone wants my woodwork and I have no time for glass.

My wife and I are both interested in glass, she does beautiful things with stained glass art and I break things in the kiln, although I’m learning and getting better, and sometimes I make things that resemble the ideas that were floating around in my head!

Making art stands was about the last thing I ever saw myself doing until someone asked me for a custom stand for an art piece so that it didn’t have to go in a window to catch the light and it could be displayed anywhere. So, that’s where we are now, sorting through wood to find the best pieces of grain, the wildest raw edges and the most prominent colors. I’m still looking for time to slump glass. I have endless enthusiasm and I would love to do custom display stands in coordination with PNW Glass Guild artists.
Gerald McBride, The Last Stand

A Word From One of Our Sponsors—COLOUR DE VERRE

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Craig Smith
Colour de Verre Molds
Larry Jacobsen

Colour de Verre principals are two people with very different skill sets. Craig Smith is a ceramic designer and master mold maker. Early in his career, Craig designed and created wares for the craft gallery marketplace, work that has been featured in presentations of The Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery. Later in his career, he developed complex ceramic and porcelain mold systems for other artists and industries throughout North America and Europe.
His business partner, Larry Jacobsen, started his career in high-tech marketing specializing in children’s gaming and entertainment software. Craig serves as the company’s creative director and is responsible for all the company’s designs. Larry leads operations and marketing.

Prior to starting Colour de Verre, Craig had been experimenting with glass. He met with glass artists to learn about their processes and how they worked with glass. He quickly realized that most glass workers were intimidated by the idea of creating their own molds. However, these same people were eager to expand beyond the plates, platters, and bowls that are staples of glass fusing. Craig saw an opportunity to combine his knowledge of ceramics, glass, and mold systems to create the technology and systems that form the basis of Colour de Verre.

  • Good design—The founders wanted to create sophisticated designs that served as a springboard for the artist’s own creativity. They didn’t want to “hem in” the artist, but, on the other hand, wanted designs that inspired users.
  • Informative content—Craig and Larry realized people need good instructions, firing schedules, and inspiration. The company shouldn’t be about selling molds, but, instead, about enabling a successful, creative experience. This also meant sourcing and testing reliable separation agents. Craig found a separation agent used in metal casting called ZYP. It was the perfect primer for Colour de Verre’s molds and has since become an ubiquitous tool in the casting community.
  • Quality—Larry and Craig partnered with domestic art potteries to produce Colour de Verre products. This made it easier to monitor quality and to bring new designs to the market quickly. Further, it was important to the founders that the people producing Colour de Verre products were making living wages, and were working in a healthy environment. All of Colour de Verre products are made in the Pacific Northwest.

Fast forward 15 years: Colour de Verre sells its product through every major art glass distributor in North America and Western Europe. In the Pacific Northwest people can purchase Colour de Verre products through Bullseye Glass or online through Colour de Verre’s website. However, Colour de Verre’s website serves a more important role than just a sales portal. It hosts a plethora of project sheets, firing schedules, and educational videos. While there have been imitators, Colour de Verre is still known as the originator of this format and the premier product line.
If you have questions about Colour de Verre or its products, don’t hesitate to call or email them. Contact information can be found at www.colourdeverre.com/go/contactus.


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Hello, my name is Sheri Spurlock and 35+ years ago, my mother set up a stained glass studio in our basement. Within a few short years, we had opened a small stained glass shop in Milwaukie, Oregon. For many years we enjoyed great success as a design studio, teaching facility and supply shop. We developed strong relationships with the local glass manufacturers in their early days, and still enjoy those relationships today. Over the years, we have tailored our business specifically to meet the needs of the stained glass, mosaic, torchwork, and fusing hobbyists, artists, and small studio owners.

Today, Melt continues to grow, innovate and expand at the current storefront in Vancouver, Washington! Owing to our long history, we pride ourselves on being able to not only provide supplies for, but also to educate, our fellow glass artists. We operate our business from a cute little storefront at 502 Washington Street, Vancouver, Washington where we welcome artists to come in and browse our huge selection of dichroic glass, sheet glass, rods, tools and supplies. Need help with a firing schedule or having trouble with your solder lines? We are here to help!
Everyone on our staff is a glass artist in their own right. We are involved in craft shows, art shows and galleries across the Pacific Northwest. This gives us all a unique understanding of trends, new products and the importance of everyday fair pricing vs fake sales and promotions. Shopping at Melt, you can feel confident that you’re getting a fair price and a quality product…every day.

inside Melt