President’s Message

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Hello fellow glass members .

I hope you all survived the heat and are doing well.

I want to take this time to encourage you to run for a Board position for the coming year so we all can continue to grow in this glass adventure together. Without the Board positions being filled, we will not have a Guild which would be a shame after all the work that has gone into our new website, the opportunities for glass education, activities, and planned upcoming events.

I also want to thank everyone who worked so hard on the new website. It took lots of meetings to hash it all out, so thank you all for your time and effort. It is really a beautiful website. If you have not set up your gallery page please do so and it is really simple. This could encourage sales and anyone visiting the website can see an example of your work.

Take care.
Lyn Kennison, President PNW Glass Guild

President’s Message

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I hope this message finds you all well and finding ways to stay cool. 

We are looking for people who would like to be on the board in 2022. We will need a President, Vice President, Secretary, and a Treasurer. The bylaws limit the number of years you can serve. It is a good thing as fresh ideas are always welcome. The duties & responsibilities of these positions will be on the website soon or contact Carlyne Lynch, who is on the nominating committee. Remember that we will continue to use Zoom meetings to serve our now large geographically spread membership… you can enjoy participating and sharing no matter where you live.

We also have different committees and teams that need people. It takes us all to make this guild run smoothly. It is a great way to meet people and develop new skills. The outgoing people are there to help and guide you along. 

Please consider running for office. We have NO guild without a board.

Lyn Kennison

Stay cool and safe

Keep on doing glass

Lyn Kennison, President PNW glass guild

President’s Message Winter 2020

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Hello all you fabulous glass people! I hope this message finds you all happy, healthy and being creative!

We had our state meeting on October 25 and elected our board members for 2021. A big thank you goes out to Sue Merritt as our new Vice President, Sue Bracknell our new Secretary, Lesley Kelly our continuing Treasurer, and Lyn Kennison, as President. Thank you all for stepping up. A big thank you also goes out to Carlyne Lynch for all her hard work as the Web Director, Margie Rieff, for her work as Membership Chair, Linda Gerrard, Sponsorship Chair, Sharon Dunham, for the Newsletter, Charlene Fort, Communications Chair, Mitzi Kugler as past President, Suzanne Tyler for being the Secretary, and Greta Schneider for her work as Vice President. Everyone has worked hard this year to keep the guild going. Thank you!

At the state meeting, Karen Seymour presented a video talking about using different firing schedules to get different results. It was very informative and can be watched by going to the website under videos.

The board is constantly working on bringing new events, videos, and playdates for people to learn and grow in their glass creations. If you have an idea for a new playdate, something to present at the general meetings, or for making a video, please join us at the board meetings and talk to us about it. We welcome new ideas. Please check the calendar on the website frequently to see when Zoom events will be happening.

The new website is almost ready to launch. By early 2021 it should be up and running. When it is, you will receive a reminder to renew your membership, if it is due. It will be easy to do it on the website.

Take care of yourselves, stay creative and enjoy the holidays!
Lyn Kennison,
President PNWGlassGuild

President’s Message Fall 2020

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As we enter into the fall of this pandemic year, I hope all is well with you and your family. The Guild is working very hard to plan events and trainings and get information out. Our meetings are all on Zoom for the rest of the year, so please watch out for the links sent out in emails and join us. Our contest went very well with 48 people submitting over 100 entries. Congratulation to all the winners who won prizes, but remember we are all winners if we at least try and grow from our experiences.
Some fun meetings have been planned. On September 30 at 7pm, we will have a demo on circle cutting and cutting rings. This may be a review for some or a first time experience for others. Both can be tricky to do, so I will definitely be watching for new tips. We will also be restarting the Fusers’ Group every third Wednesday of the month. These Zoom get togethers will be hosted by Lynda Sprecher, a very talented glass artist. It will be a time to show your work and to ask questions. If you show a piece that you want to have help with and or get ideas for remember to have your firing schedule handy.
Our state meeting is scheduled for October 28 at 7pm. At this meeting we will elect our board for the coming year. We are still looking for a secretary. According to our bylaws we need a secretary for all the board meetings. The guild cannot exist if we don’t have a secretary. So, I’m asking someone to step forward and volunteer for this position. There will be people to help, a template of how to write up the meeting notes, and all meetings are recorded so you can check back in case you a missed something. If you are interested please contact me at or Suzanne, the current secretary, at for more information. We really do need someone to step forward!
Our new website is being built. This will modernize it and make it much easier to navigate. More information is to come on that.
If you have ideas for Play Days, trainings, or teaching opportunities please join us at the board meetings and let us know or just contact me.
Stay well and keep on creating beautiful glass creations!
Lyn Kennison, President PNWGG
President’s Message