Featured Artist: Linda Gerrard, Beaverton OR

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I started my glass art journey in 2012, then joined the Oregon Glass Guild in 2013. Many people ask how I got started making glass art. I’ve attended art fairs around the Portland area for many years and was always drawn to the glass displays. One day a friend said “you know you can learn to do this yourself”. Of course I was shocked that was possible, but thrilled when I found Aquila Glass and began my journey.

For the first several months, I used the pretty glass to make plates and bowls When I tired of that, I started making decorative nightlights, ornaments, and more intricately decorated plates and bowls. I would bring them to work to show my friends and they all wanted to buy my creations. Not only did they buy what I brought in, they also ordered commissioned pieces as well.

Since I didn’t own my own kiln yet, I took everything to a nearby shop and rented their kiln. I think everyone knows what a pain cleaning and reassembling all those little pieces of glass is! My husband was so surprised by all the pieces I was making and selling that he surprised me with a kiln for Christmas of 2012. That kiln had a 12” shelf and it took only 3 years for me to add another kiln with a 20” shelf. That was a real game-changer for me. By this time I was getting bored making plates and bowls, but really enjoyed designing and creating more artistic pieces.

It didn’t take long for me to want to take classes from people whose work I admired so I could learn new techniques and improve my skills. After taking several classes from local glass artists and admiring the work of others further away, on behalf of the Guild, I contacted one of my favorite artists to see if they would come to Portland to do a class. I did that for four or five years and all the participants were thrilled they could take these classes locally.

As far as a technique I am known for, there are actually two. Several years ago it occurred to me that I could mimic the Bullseye rolled edge and use it as the top of my artwork. Oddly enough, someone once told me I needed to work on my cutting skills so my piece had a straight top edge. Obviously, this was an intentional design element. The second thing is that I prefer to leave texture on my pieces. Most of my pieces are landscapes, so I first create my background and mid-ground before full fuse firing, then I tack fuse my foreground on leaving a lovely texture that catches the light and sparkles. Additionally, it draws people in to touch the piece for tactile enjoyment as well as visual.

I really enjoy creating beautiful, realistic landscapes and pieces with animals or birds. When people see my work in person, they always say how beautiful it is and that they’ve never seen anything like it. It’s such a challenge and I feel very pleased when I create a piece that has great depth and proper perspective making it feel like you’ve “been there” or you could walk right into the scene. The most challenging aspect of this art form is putting down enough powdered frit to give the intensity of color I want. This is especially true for transparent pieces where the color can sometimes just disappear during firing.

I’m always interested in learning new techniques or trying new products. I find that I rarely take a class then simply repeat the process to make another and another. Instead I usually find some part of it that I particularly like and incorporate that into my work. I think this is why people tell me they’ve never seen anything like my glass art; because it’s a combination of techniques. That being said, I have taken classes and purchased products that just don’t appeal to me and I either don’t use them or I find a way to incorporate just a little of what I learned into what I do. I’ll be bringing some of these unused items to the bargain table at the Guild picnic August 11th at Gail Haskett’s in Battle Ground WA. Hope to see you there!

See more of Linda’s work in the Members’ Gallery

Featured Artist: Karel Murphy, Philomath OR

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I have been deeply moved by the transformation, connection and magic that occurs when separate materials are brought together to form an integrated whole. This theme is central to my work with mosaics, mosaic jewelry, and glass fusion. Many times, my work will incorporate all three together.

Each project begins by gathering materials, such as different sizes and shapes of glass, ceramic tiles, semi-precious stones, charms, beads, buttons, and smaller found objects. Assembly then begins with placement of color, patterns, and texture into the designed project. The result may be in the form of a piece of mosaic jewelry, a representation of a bird’s feather or other life form, some visual movement like flowing water, or an abstract landscape design. Always my focus is on harmony and integration of materials. If the artwork is only made using glass, I fire it in a glass kiln where more transformation takes place through the application of heat.

Artistic work for me is a metaphor for living a satisfying, balanced, and harmonious life. To live this way, it is important to explore the elements that work and fit together, discard or transform what doesn’t, and keep going deeper, ever changing, and discovering. It is my hope that my artistic creations telegraph and inspire that sense of depth, harmony, and balance.

You can see more of my work at

Featured Artist: Stephanie Johnston, The Dalles OR

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I live and have my studio in The Dalles, Oregon on the beautiful Columbia Gorge. I really enjoy all the amazing things you can create with glass. I started taking stained glass classes in the late 1990s and loved it. I was in a metal clay class with long time Guild communications volunteer Charlene Fort and she introduced me to fused glass in 2014. She has become my best friend and the rest became history.

I’ve assisted teaching classes in schools and other people’s studios. I recently taught a Play Day on making molds for freeze and fuse. We had great fun and a lot of laughs. I just did a demo on the same subject at the Vendor Fair in Seattle. I’m anxious to try what I learned in a recent class in alternative freeze and fuse as well as learning to make flash glass and use those techniques for new projects.

When the Gorge chapter of the Oregon Glass Guild was still active I served as president. In the Pacific Northwest Glass Guild I am currently team lead for both Communications and Sponsorship. I would encourage all of the members to try and find a spot where they could help out. It doesn’t have to be a long period of time or time consuming. You can find a link to the volunteer opportunities on the main page of our web site.

I joined the guild because of the information they provide, the fun potlucks, Christmas parties and the play dates. As well as the perks we receive from the people and business that contribute to us. We gain so much from being in the Guild. And it is wonderful to to have a page in the Members’ Gallery that I can use as my website.

Featured Artist: Rae Williamson, Leduc Alberta

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Hello from sunny Alberta … home of the Wild Rose. Located just ten minutes from the Edmonton International Airport, we relocated to Leduc in the summer of 2023.

My glass interested started in 2010 when we were holidaying in Quartzite Arizona shortly after retiring from my day job as Director of Human Resources for the City of White Rock.

We joined the local Rock and Gem Club and started taking classes in everything they had to offer.

Memories of Spring

I kept hearing about this amazing woman named Greta and finally got to meet her. I enrolled in her beginners glass class and discovered dicrohic glass…it was just as sparkly as all the rocks we had been grinding in the lapidary shop. I was hooked from day one and Greta and I became best friends. When I returned to Canada I did not have anyone to keep my learning going so spent hours on the internet and Facebook connecting with other glass artists who were willing to help with my journey. I am forever grateful to them.

I discovered that I love to experiment and without any formal art training, did not know what I was supposed or not supposed to do so pushed a lot of limits. My husband still sometimes ask me if I am really going to make something or just play. In my quest for learning I have experimented with just about every process and technique out there.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Dennis Brady (Glass Campus and Victorian Art Glass) who also loves to experiment so sometimes we were like two mad scientists. An example was when I was testing enamels for him. We mixed them with so many mediums including Murphy’s oil soap and liquid shortening…glad he was the one who had to fire them as the stink was awful but we had interesting results. I joined him in Las Vegas as his TA at the Glass and Bead Expo show…loved the experience but it was exhausting.

Poppy Fields

Spring Bear

Here’s Looking At You

Angel of Death

One of my visits to Portland, Greta took me to a Guild Board meeting and I was so happy to find an organization that had such great glass artists and best of all, they invited me to join them…it has been a wonderful experience. I have served in the role of Membership Director and a member of the newsletter team. I am not an active seller as I love donating my work to the various charities I belong to or support.

I have taken courses from artists such as Kelly Crosser Alge, Cheryl Chapman, Marguerite Beneke, Evelyn Gottschall Baker, Bob Leatherburrow, Alice Benvie Gebhart to name a few. Currently I am studying with Narcissus Qualiatia who is an incredible, creative master of glass. My next course will be with Derek Hunt…I love learning as much as I love experimenting.


Connections Across the Universe


My teaching involves students who are interested in learning all aspects of glass which makes for wonderful long term relationships. Recently I introduced my Leduc students to my Vancouver Island students. We decided to do a new project each month together. This month’s project is a creation using glass leaves…lots of freeze and fuse, casting, grinding, and painting happening.

Glass Maple Leaf

Autumn Pleasure

I love that there is always something new to learn with glass and that it keeps you humble. Just when you feel like you have mastered something, you open the kiln and the kiln gods give you different outcome than you expected. It keeps me coming back…again and again.

Featured Artist: Kate Nicklos, Washougal WA

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I have been attending  one or two glass fusing classes per year for 20 years!  This does not make for an experienced craftsman!  I have to relearn everything each year.  But my passion for anything glass began immediately, when I toured the art glass manufacturers here in the PNW 20 years ago.  What a privilege to be exposed to so much diversity and talent in the art glass field.

I joined the PNW Glass Guild a few years ago at the behest of Sheri Spurlock, the owner of  Melt Glass.  She informed me of the discounts available to Guild members.  Soon after, I attended Guild meetings and special events and found this open, glass-enthusiastic community.  It has been a wonderful experience from the get-go; from becoming aware of all the fusing techniques to the camaraderie of other enthusiasts.  This past year I attended classes offered by Ann Cavanaugh and Kory Dollar – learning two completely different glass techniques.

Now I am in a position to focus, which I’ve yet to do!  My goal is to solidly understand the techniques of glass fusing and glass-on-glass mosaic work. In appreciation to the Guild for what it has offered me, I’m serving this year as Membership Chair.  As with any organization, there are too few people and too little time to cover all the duties to make it run smoothly.  It’s my privilege to be here!  Hope to meet you all along the way! 

Featured Artist: Linda Roman, Washougal WA

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I grew up in a flourishing craft city in upstate NY. Taking advantage of the rich culture, I took many classes from Genesee Arts Co-Op and RIT to become a potter. I enjoyed this craft for more than 15 years.  When I moved to the West Coast, I became interested in glass, and I took a Mosaic class with a friend at Marvelous Mosaics Fine Arts.  After that I was hooked! I love glass with all the different colors and textures.  The class was great, and our teacher Kory Dollar was so knowledgeable and patient. Since then, I have gone on to take several other classes from Kory to extend my knowledge in color, composition and glass cutting. To broaden my glass experience I have taken classes at Bullseye and Melt. Both are excellent resources to learn different techniques. 

Through friends I joined the PNW Glass Guild and was cajoled into becoming the Guild’s treasurer. I’m now in my second two-year term. And despite the hard work, it’s been a great way to meet other artists in the Guild. 

I have shown my work at the 2023 PNWGG Gathering of the Guilds (GOTG), Shirley Bishop’s Open Studio tour last September, and the Portland Artisan Holiday Market. I will be at this year’s 2024 PNWGG GOTG at a group booth and also as a cashier on April 19-21st in Portland. I hope to see you there! 

Featured Artist – Shirley Bishop

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Shirley in part of her studio on the PNW Glass Guild’s 2023 Open Studios tour

I’ve been in love with all things glass since a very early age and never realized it until I had the opportunity to explore glass fusing myself in 2013. At that point I was blessed to have the opportunity to grow my love of glass into a business, Studio13 GlassArt, which I founded with the goal of mastering all the elements of glass used in design while instructing others how to do the basics. Why Studio13? My oldest brother (of 5) who also loved glass and dabbled in fusing, died in 2013 from ALS. He was a special person in my life. As well, the numbers 1, 3, 13, 31 all represent important dates in my life. Last of all, Friday the 13th is always my lucky day!

Every day I dream of taking my glass to the next level. Situated on 20 beautiful wooded acres in Washougal, WA, my 1,200 square foot studio/workshop/gallery which was once our home has become a venue for weekend workshops and hopefully more in the years to come. I welcome anyone and everyone to visit my studio and enjoy the aura of creativity that seems to blossom more and more every day. In the 10 years I have been doing this I have developed a unique style that is all my own. My creative designs are recognized by those in the Pacific Northwest seeking local art. Over the years I have taught hundreds of students and have built a loyal following of collectors who appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of my work.

Shirley shows off her frit storage: fired samples on every lid

Shirley’s newest heART piece will be at the one-day Camas HeARTfest art show and sale on February 10th. She also participates in the Washougal Studio Artists Spring tour in May and the PNW Glass Guild’s Open Studios tour in September.

Students at a “Women and Wine” class

See Shirley’s class offerings and more of her work at https://www.studio13glassart.com/

A recent commission

Featured Artist – Debbie Marchione

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Seattle, Washington (Debbie is now helping produce our newsletter)

I was introduced to glass fusing in 2018 by a friend who invited me to a class at Moltenworks Glass Studio in Woodinville. Although I had never considered myself artistic, I found the three-dimensional nature of glass absolutely fascinating, and couldn’t wait to go back. Thanks to the amazing support and mentorship of PNW Glass Guild members Wendy Hatch and Karen Seymour, as well as the very patient and kind folks at Moltenworks, I’ve learned so many new skills in the past five years and am I excited to be developing my own “voice” as a glass artist.

I particularly enjoy the variety of textures that you can create with fused glass and I continue to explore new techniques. I’ve also become involved this year as a volunteer with the Guild, helping behind the scenes with the newsletter and the website, because I value connecting with other artists and the many learning opportunities that are available as a Guild member.

Featured Artist – Lesley Kelly

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Lesley Kelly is the incoming 2024 Board President. She started doing stained glass in 2004, learning from classes at Cline’s Glass after her daughter went to college. In 2008, she began fusing. Since then, she has tried her hand at multiple forms of glass art, including glass blowing, beads, fusing, stained glass, mosaics, etc.

The light coming though glass and creating colors fascinates Lesley as well as the idea of creating nature through art. Lesley creates a lot of bubble glass and has also been working with the new delicate disco method taught by Amanda Simmons. This method uses powder to create glass squares that are then slumped in drop rings to create bowls or other pieces. When asked what new techniques she wants to try right now, she replied, “I just need time to work on the ones I have learned in the past few years!”

Lesley joined the glass guild in 2004 and started helping Charlene Fort with running the Gathering of the Guilds (GOTG) shows. She served as volunteer coordinator for that as well as the information booth for the show for a lot of years. She was the membership chair of the Guild for two years, then treasurer for three years, and volunteered to chair the GOTG in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Her goal is to make the Guild a resource for all members, have meetings that really draw members to them, and to get the Guild on a good financial footing.

Featured Artist – Barb Kienle

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Barb Kienle is the incoming 2024 Board Co-Vice President.

Barb lives in Portland and attended the Gathering of the Guilds for many years. She always found herself drawn to the Glass Guild section, marveling at the beauty of the pieces and the talent of the artists. One year her husband gave her a kiln for Christmas. She has no idea how he decided that was a gift she would want or use, but it sat in its box for two years in the garage. With an all-consuming career and very little free time, she felt overwhelmed by learning how to use a kiln. However, as her retirement approached, Barb decided to take a class at Bullseye Glass.

In the class, Barb learned how to cut glass and made a simple plate. Very basic, but it was enough to boost her confidence and she went home to unpack the kiln. That was 5 years ago. Basically self-taught through videos and trial and error, Barb credits some wonderful artists she has met along the way who have generously shared information and techniques with her. She tries to pay that forward when meeting others who are learning.

Barb enthuses, “I love the texture of tack and contour fusing and I love flowers and beach scenes. I do a couple events a year to sell things so I can replenish my glass supplies.” She now splits her time between Portland and Arizona. When they decided to spend the winters in Arizona a few years ago, she told her husband that she could not go 5 months without doing glass, so they set up a small studio space in their garage in Arizona. Barb loves being able to work all year with glass and hosts open studio times for friends in AZ.

Barb joined the Glass Guild at the suggestion of a friend who said it was a great way to be part of the glass community and learn from others. She reflects, “I am not the most outgoing person, but have tried to participate in some of the events and have always felt welcomed. I look forward to sharing the Vice President position with Carlyne Lynch and continuing to learn from all of you.” 

Featured Artist – Carlyne Lynch

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Carlyne Lynch, from Wilsonville, Oregon, is stepping into the role of Co-Vice President of the Board for 2024. Carlyne is a member of Artistic Portland Gallery, a cooperative gallery of 24 artists who run, manage and staff the Gallery

Utilizing a variety of techniques in her glass work, she combines torch work, glass powder, glass pieces, and glass paint to create multiple layer pieces. While doing some bead work, lately she has been making more elements to embed in glass. With a vitrigraph kiln, Carlyne creates much of her own cane.

For her fused work, Carlyne uses several layered techniques and confesses to always feeling surprised when the kiln opens. She comments, “Working with glass is fun and challenging and allows me to harness my abundance of energy in a creative way.” She just built a teaching studio and recently started teaching classes in Vitrigraph design, watercolor technique and layered elements.

Carlyne is eager to serve on the Board in 2024. “I have been in the PNW Glass Guild for eight years and served as your webmistress for four and a half years. I look forward to this coming year serving with a wonderful group of volunteers.”

Featured Artist – Becky Meinhart

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Becky Meinhart is the incoming 2024 PNW Glass Guild Secretary. She is from Gresham, Oregon. Becky’s fascination with fused glass began twenty-five years ago. She was familiar with ‘blown’ glass, having worked for a glass blower while in her teens. However, ‘fusing’ was a new concept she was compelled to learn what it meant to fuse glass. Having shared her intrigue with a friend, she began taking classes, joining the Oregon Glass Guild and learning multiple techniques from some of the finest glass professionals on the planet! She notes, “While the Guild was always a great resource in so many ways, I was privileged to learn from some of the finest artist/teachers: Ann Cavenaugh, Mark Hufford, Alicia Lomne’, Kelly Crosser-Alge, and the list goes on.”

The areas of glass art that interest Becky the most are deep scenery pieces (thank you Ann!), enamels on glass, lighting (which requires collaborating with metal artists), and, more recently, mosaic work. Having experienced many changes in her life, which resulted in a hiatus from glass work for several years, Becky has recently relocated back to Oregon, from Washington, and is setting up her studio and looking forward to creating again.

Becky is excited about serving on the Board. “The PNWGG has been a great organization and I am grateful for the wonderful members I have known over the years and look forward to serving again and meeting new members!”

Featured Artist: Evan Burnett, Portland OR

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Evan giving a demonstration during the 2022 Open Studios

In 2008 Evan started his own glass design and production company, Local Art Glass LLC. In addition to having a great team of six artisans helping him make his work, Local Art Glass is also Portland, Oregon’s only public glassblowing studio. It is located upstairs in an intriguing building called the Pickle Factory.

Evan’s studio practice is divided between two disciplines – design and fine art. On the design side Evan and his team create decorative and functional items for the home and office, including drinkware, vases, urns, bowls, and ornaments.  In 2020, Local Art Glass became the top seller of hand-blown ornaments on Etsy.com, making them one of the top producers of high-quality hand-blown ornaments in the country.

Evan’s fine art practice is centered on themes of humor, absurdism, and surrealism, often with mid-century modern and psychedelic qualities. Subjects have included hotdogs, glitter chickens, pickle spaceships, and plates decorated with images of Steve Buscemi. Burnette traces much of his current aesthetic and interests back to children’s television of the mid 1980’s, primarily Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and Jim Henson’s The Muppet Show.

In 2023, an opportunity arose when the suite next door to Local Art Glass’s studio was vacated. Seizing the opportunity, Evan decided to expand the studio, moving the hotshop to the adjoining suite, making Local Art Glass’s footprint now just under 4,000 square feet. With the new added space, LAG is now able to offer glassblowing classes on a regular basis. Casting, fusing, and other specialized glass technique classes, featuring visiting artists, will be added to LAG’s public offerings in the near future.

You can see more of his work on the Portland area Open Studios Tour September 30 – October 1.

Featured Artist: Kathy Johnson, Burien WA

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Kathy Johnson just celebrated 40 years of being part-owner of PNW Glass Guild sponsor Glass Expressions in Burien, WA, just south of Seattle. She started making glass beads in 1991. Her custom bead-portraits of horses combine her love of horses with her eye for detail and mastery of bead-making. Lately she has been combining fused glass with welding.

When she’s not out sailing she does expert stained glass repairs, plays with glass using all sorts of methods, and often wins glass cutting contests. She’s also a great teacher. You can see her in action in her Glass Classroom videos on YouTube or by taking a class in person.

If you take the Guild-sponsored GlassAndDecor.com studio tour in north Seattle on October 14-15 stop by site #3 to see and talk to her about her work.

Featured Artist: Bridget Culligan, Seattle

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Who am I? I am a glass artist.

What drives me? Passion. Lifelong learning. No matter what you think you know, glass is in charge and continues to engage, challenge, and inspire me. From the first time I saw a hand-blown vessel, I was hooked on the liveliness of the color. I eat up the challenge. I am a person who wants to win and when an opportunity arises I am likely to say, “Well, I’ve never done that before, but YES, I can do it”, and then I find a way.

When working out a custom design I start with the intention of communicating an emotion with such power and clarity that my client can actually feel the same thing. This is miraculous! We can never be sure of course if it is the SAME feeling, but that is my goal.

How can I grow as an artist? I grow my skills through community. I have found my tribe and we geek out about all things stained glass. My community is my greatest resource. I am an apprentice learning an ancient craft from master craftsmen. From my first teacher who has been “doing stuff” for 40+ years to the wonder of watching Jim at Fremont Antique Glass, to attending conferences with SGAA [Stained Glass Association of America] and GAS [Glass Art Society], to collecting a library of books, I want to know it deeply. I am grateful to others who have been so generous with me regarding their time, experience and resources. Without them I don’t exist.

Who am I? A woman, an elder, and an explorer who is filled with curiosity and who is filling my basket with wisdom. I am a glass artist, one among a chosen, a lucky few (like you) and aren’t we blessed!

Bridget Culligan

Featured Artists:

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Jane Godfrey and Sondra Radcliffe, Portland

Jane Godfrey and Sondra Radcliffe,
Jane is a former president of the Oregon Glass Guild.

We established Ambiente Art Glass almost 50 years ago. This is hard to believe because it seems like yesterday that we fell in love with glass. Our journey began in Cleveland Ohio where we built a solid business, owned 2 galleries, and did considerable commission work. We specialize in unique hand crafted fused and stained glass, and always find the glass process to be totally inspiring. It is an ever-evolving art form that invites new learning on a daily basis. We love it.

Fourteen years ago, after much thought, we left our beloved Cleveland life to move our well-established glass studio to Portland, Oregon to be closer to family and grandchildren. This move has been both personally and artistically challenging and rewarding as we have ventured out of our comfort zone to begin again. We still have deep roots and artistic ties to Cleveland but have also been enriched and nurtured by our family and the expansive Northwest.

In our work we are inspired by the beauty and the changing moods of the natural environment. All the arts, especially music, dance, poetry and our own photography, impact our creativity. The angst, depth, joys and blessings of life experiences also find expression in our work. We are moved by the regenerative and meditative quality of the creative process and the magical illumination of glass as it changes with the shifting light of each day and season.

As artists we are known for our sensitive use of color and texture, for fluid unusual designs, and excellent craftsmanship. During different periods of our lives we have maintained parallel careers; Sondra as an expressive arts therapist, and Jane as a psychotherapist. This has deepened our own artistic creativity and expanded our understanding of the healing potential of glass and the transforming effects of the art process itself.

This piece is 6 ft tall

[both in their 80s, they are currently working on two 120″x30″ stained glass panels for a client in Idaho]

Featured Artist: Shawna Hovey

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Portland, Oregon

I started creating with glass in November ’08, after a bout with Breast Cancer, followed by Heart Failure. I realized that I needed to jump off the hamster wheel of my toxic and stressful life, into a life where I could live and grow into my best life. It was then, on a whim, that I turned into our neighborhood glass shop to inquire about taking a glass class. I took one abbreviated introduction class. Since then, glass has flowed from my soul, evolving into what it is today… scenic mountain, ocean and sculpted floral jewelry, as well as other wearable art. With that one class, I was on my way to Bliss…Creating with glass lit a fire that still burns brightly.

In fact, if I get too far away from my glass, my heart starts to falter.I am a glass fuser, creating primarily with dichro. I love its brilliance and how it inspires me to create. I don’t know what I’m going to create when I start. I get to watch what materializes, What I hear from so many is that my creations are like no other dichro work they’ve seen. I believe this is due to my shaping techniques, and finite attention to details… Details take time and patience, which I think many are not equipped with

You can make dichro sing, glow or scream with brilliant color; but,also, have it fall flat (lack luster) depending on the detailing of your cold work. Knowing when to stop is key.For me, it’s when the involuntary smile shows up on my face.What do I find most challenging with glass? The scariest, was having to drill my first hole into glass! But once I mastered that, it opened up a whole new world for me. That’s when I started sculpting glass into jewelry. I felt fearless! But, I had to pledge to myself, to never be devastated over broken pieces… ‘You can always make earrings’.

I have been a member of the Glass Guild in the past, and held office briefly. But, due to health reasons, I wasn’t able to continue. I don’t currently teach classes. But I do see it in my future if the opportunity arises. I’ve participated in previous Guild Shows. Though, this year, it dawned one morning when I arrived, looking around and breathing it all in… I have found my people! Generally, I’m an introvert, but being with ‘like’ beings, and creativity that abounds, I am my best self. There is nothing better than when creative minds collide! Exhilarating…Being involved with the Guild, it’s the Artists, creativity, and learning that I enjoy most.

Featured Artist: Janet Van Fleet

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Battle Ground, Washington

I am a retired teacher. Somewhere in the midst of teaching, I fell in love with glass. Before teaching, oil painting was my passion. That dwindled during my teaching years. With glass, I looked forward to coming home after a challenging day at school to take a piece of glass out of the kiln and see my creation magically transformed into a piece of beautiful light. That joy and love of creating has continued and now 20+ years later I’m enjoying creating as my primary job while retired.

With my oil painting and drawing experience, I naturally gravitated toward painting with glass. While I haven’t officially taught glass classes, I have shared my knowledge with others in my studio. And who knows, teaching might be the next step.

I believe glass is the ultimate medium in art…the light of our world…connecting heaven and earth. The joy of seeing glass transform into something new and even more beautiful is indescribable. The challenge is letting go of expectations and allowing the glass to transform. I’m the tool that manipulates it, but ultimately, glass creates the results.

Featured Artist: Mitzi Kugler, West Linn OR

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I believe that being a member of a guild you get out as much as you put in. You learn through active participation. Our guild has been through many changes, but it is still strong and will continue to morph through new members and new ideas always making us grow. You also gain friendship and comradery by having a ‘like’ interest plus someone to help you out when you can’t figure it out yourself.

Pacific Northwest Glass Guild – member since 2008
Positions held in guild: Past president; President; Open Studio Coordinator; Coordinator of Annual Meeting; Board member, Volunteer Coordinator for Gathering of the Guilds

I’m always changing and continue to transform my art by gaining new skills and honing already acquired ones. Now is a new adventure for me as I move from a glass artist to a multi-medium artist. I will still fuse and lampwork glass, but it will be reduced while my metal work will intertwine and becoming one with my glass. I’m excited for my new adventure because I love integrating the two mediums together. See more of Mitzi’s work in the Member’s Gallery or at her store https://mitzikart.com/store