2021: July Issue

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From glass plate by Linda Gerrard

OOPS, to go to the September issue: https://www.pnwglassguild.org/article-cat/issue-2021-09/

Upcoming events: pnwglassguild.org/events/

11 Art In The Garden, Brush Prairie, WA
16-25 Salem Art Fair: usually in Salem, OR: Virtual
17 Art In The Garden Battle Ground, WA
18 Guild General Meeting: Zoom
21-Aug 4 Bellevue WA Art Museum Festival: Virtual
23 – Aug 2 (BC) Sooke Fine Arts Show: Virtual
6-8 Anacortes WA Arts Festival
15 Seattle Guild Picnic in-person (and Zoom)
21-22 Whidbey Island WA Studio Tour
21 PNW Glass Guild Board Meeting Zoom
22 Portland Guild Picnic in-person (and Zoom)
4-6 Art In the Pearl, Portland OR
10-12 Art In The Park, Boise ID
18-19 PNW Glass Guild Open Studios, Portland
(apply by August 15th, see related article)

(Bolded events are Guild sponsored)


Independence and Interdependence

Featured Artists: Sharon Dunham and Lael Bennett

President’s Message

PNWGG Board of Directors

Guild Meeting Notes

Guild Picnics

Open Studio Tours

Regional Glass Events

Featured Sponsor—Roses Glassworks

Welcome to Our Newest Sponsors

Thanks to All Our Sponsors

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Independence and Interdependence

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What does the Guild have in common with Independence Day?

Plate by Linda Gerrard

Happy 4th of July…this is when we celebrate Independence Day, better known to some people as the Fourth of July,

This federal holiday commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776. It’s historically significant because the Continental Congress declared the 13 American colonies no longer were subject to the British monarch.

Let that sink in. In 1776, Britain was a global superpower, and to declare INDEPENDENCE took a lot of spunk, to put it lightly. So, although Independence Day celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Americans’ quest for freedom went way beyond that act.

Americans have been celebrating Independence Day for years, and, like Christmas, sometimes the true meaning gets lost in all the hoopla. Independence Day means more than sparklers, just as Christmas means more than presents under the tree. It represents people’s efforts to earn and keep freedom, and that’s a struggle that continues to this day. We love a fireworks display and a July 4 parade, with its decorated floats, marching bands and U.S. flags but people should remember all the sacrifices that went into the celebration, and those sacrifices, in some way or another, continue today…that is what should be celebrated.

Now particularly after such an crazy year or more, let’s also think about the competing concept of INTERDEPENDENCE and why that is so important.

Our Guild is made up of many independent members who have joined together just like those 13 American colonies in what is now known as the Pacific NW Glass Guild – a collective where the members are interdependent on each other in order for the Guild to succeed.

We have multiple challenges to overcome in our quest to broaden the geographic reach of our glass guild, learn new ways to communicate and share with each other and to keep our members engaged and active.

We have members who have done glass for many, many years including some who have made names for themselves in the glass world who and enjoy selling their work and have even been able to make a good living at it. We also have hobbyists who just love learning about the experience of making glass art. And…we have people who are new to glass and just starting to grasp all the many possibilities before them!

Over the course of the next number of months, we will be asking you to answer these questions to determine what will make this a strong, active and dynamic guild.

  • Do our members understand what we collectively want to accomplish? (By-laws Article 1: Purpose)The primary purpose of the Guild is to promote education about all types of glass and related arts.)
  • Do our members want to be social – how do we know each other?
  • Do we have a strong teamwork culture?
  • Do we make it easy and ask our members to involved – how do they get involved?
  • How can each member contribute to the success of the Guild?

John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address inspired children and adults to see the importance of civic action and public service. His historic words, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” challenged every American to contribute in some way to the public good.

Currently the Nomination Committee is looking for members who will allow their names to stand for election for the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Interested members can contact Carlyne Lynch to discuss what is entailed in each position and to express their interest.  

“Ask not what the Guild can do for you – ask what you can do for the Guild“…then both members and Guild thrive and benefit – this is our INTERDEPENDENCY – our success.

Featured Artist: from Beaverton, Oregon Sharon Dunham

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Sometimes it is the simple boldness of geometric patterns or the contrast of images in black and white; other times it is the remarkable beauty of our colorful environment – people, landscapes and city-scapes – that captures her imagination.

Sharon has been involved in the Oregon (now Pacific NW) Glass Guild for many years serving in several board positions. She has participated in a number of local juried shows. Both the Oregon Convention Center and Travel Portland had commissioned her to create awards for OCC’s high end vendors and for its 20th Anniversary celebration in addition to having her develop an annual Twin Spires Award for Travel Portland.

Sharon was introduced to the world of stained glass during her college days in the 70’s in Eugene. After a long hiatus, she returned to creating glass art when she moved to Portland. More recently, she transitioned from cold glass to the art of kiln formed (fused) glass. Keeping true to her glass roots she currently teaches stained glass classes in her community. See more of Sharon’s work

Featured Artist: from Burien, Washington Lael Bennett

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Glass has been at the forefront of my world for 30 years. It started in 1991 when I took a stained glass class at Glass Expressions in Burien, WA (just south of Seattle). I fell in love with working with glass and in 1993 quit my job at Boeing and became a partner in the shop. A couple of years later I started exploring fusing glass and have been doing it ever since. I started teaching fusing at the shop and have always been eager to try every technique to expand my knowledge.

I have taken many classes from other glass artists over the years and am kind of a class junkie. We can never stop learning! I focused on creating and selling dichroic jewelry for many years. Exploration into reactive glass and silver led me to create a line of decorative plates and new jewelry styles. Now experimenting with the reactive glasses seems to find its way into every new technique I try

I teach beginning, reactive, and jewelry fusing classes. At Glass Expressions we sell fusing glass and supplies in addition to standard stained glass supplies. We also have kilns available for firing projects for customers that don’t have their own kilns. Glass Expressions has just become one of the guild’s sponsors. I will be participating in the Guild’s general meeting on July 18th at 2pm on the subject of Inclusions and Reactions !

President’s Message

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I hope this message finds you all well and finding ways to stay cool. 

We are looking for people who would like to be on the board in 2022. We will need a President, Vice President, Secretary, and a Treasurer. The bylaws limit the number of years you can serve. It is a good thing as fresh ideas are always welcome. The duties & responsibilities of these positions will be on the website soon or contact Carlyne Lynch, who is on the nominating committee. Remember that we will continue to use Zoom meetings to serve our now large geographically spread membership…..so you can enjoy participating and sharing no matter where you live.

We also have different committees and teams that need people. It takes us all to make this guild run smoothly. It is a great way to meet people and develop new skills. The outgoing people are there to help and guide you along. 

Please consider running for office. We have NO guild without a board.

Lyn Kennison

Stay cool and safe

Keep on doing glass

Lyn Kennison, President PNW glass guild

2021 PNWGG Board of Directors

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President – Lyn Kennison

Past President – Mitzi Kugler

Vice President – Sue Merritt

Treasurer – Lesley Kelly

Secretary – Pat Bracknell

Team Chairs

Communications Chair – Charlene Fort

Membership Chair – Needed

Sponsorship Chair – Linda Gerrard

Newsletter Co-Chairs – Greta Schneider and Rae Williamson

Web Master – Needed

Interested in helping out, see the list of other positions available, we would love to have you on the team.

Any comments, suggestions or questions about the PNWGG Newsletter, please contact Greta or Rae

Guild Meeting Notes

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Anyone, member or not, is welcome to attend our General meetings. They are held via Zoom so it doesn’t matter where you live. Click on the event to get the Zoom link the week of the event if you are a member. Anyone can submit the form can get link by email. General meetings are usually recorded so members can log-in to see it at a convenient time.

The same Zoom info above is true of Board meetings: anyone can attend. Instead of recordings, Minutes are posted after they are approved. If you have some time to volunteer you might want to attend and get to know the other volunteers.

Views and Reviews

Sunflower by mosaic artist Kory Dollar

April: Video of the Mosaics meeting is in 2 parts: #1 Mark Brody, #2 Sponsor Kory Dollar. Get the scoop on glues and some useful new tools. Members:log-in to view them

June: Fred Buxton, sponsor Roz Stanton, Richard LaLonde, Karen Seymour, sponsor Gerald McBride, Mitzi Kugler and a few others showed their solutions to displaying their glass. We were surprised by how many different ways people have come up with to incorporate the stand, hanger, or suspension into the design of your work. The video will be posted soon.


July 18th, 2pm-3:30 Inclusions and Reactions Color in glass is usually due to metal ions. Reactions between these ions often cause unexpected interactions between colors: show off how you’ve harnessed that interaction. What happens when you include actual metal in glass? What other things non-glass things have you incorporated in your work? Please contact Karen Seymour if you have something to share so we can sort of organize some of the speakers in advance.

Reactive glass by sponsor Lael Bennett

August: Board meeting (21st) and picnics in both Seattle (15th) and Portland (22nd) see related article

September: Open Studios in the Portland area (18-19). see related article

Guild Picnics this August

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Double the fun! There will be 2 Guild picnics this year: first in Seattle on August 15th at 11:30 am and then in Portland on August 22nd at 4pm. To make it easy on the hosts, it will be a potluck. Bring a dish that can give 8 to 12 small portions. If you want something special to drink, please bring that too. The host will furnish plates, cups, utensils, napkins, water and ice.

We have no idea what to expect for our first in-person events: if possible, let us know in advance that you will be attending so we have enough chairs and plates out: Seattle contact Karen Seymour, Portland contact Lyn Kennison. Further details will be on the event listing in our calendar as the date gets closer.

If you are fully vaccinated, you are welcome to attend one or both picnics. We’ll try to set up a Zoom link for those far away or not yet fully vaccinated so they can share the festivities. Anyone willing to listen to us “talking glass” is welcome. You are even encouraged to bring one of your Covid-year glass projects (or a photo) to show what you’ve been up to.

2021 Two Studio Tours This Fall

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2021 Open Studios Tour & Sale: September 18-19! (apply by August 15th)

Bob Heath’s Studio on a previous tour

We are pleased to announce that our 6th annual Open Studios Tour & Sale is happening in-person this year! There are a few changes: the event has been shifted from November to September so that we can keep our studios open to the outdoors and enjoy warmer, sunnier weather.

We need volunteers to pull this off. Please contact Carlyne Lynch to lend a hand with the event (for instance she needs volunteers to help hand out the signs).

Registration will be online only. Cost for current Guild Members to participate is $55. Registration deadline is August 15th. (If you aren’t a current member, please join the Guild by clicking Join in the menu, $45/year for individuals) Application forms and other details

Several artists in one location is fun and usually increases customer traffic. We encourage artists to join together to showcase their art. There are many advantages to doing this, particularly if you are just starting to do these.

Seattle Glass And Decor Studio tour October 16-17

The 5th annual GlassAndDecor.com studio tour in north Seattle October 16-17 is usually about 8 studios with 3 or 4 artists at each site but having to be outdoors for Covid last year limited it to 5 studios (This year we’ll hopefully all be vaccinated and it can be indoors if it rains).

There is at least 1 glass artist at each site but to get enough hosts in the area we also include interior decor artists in other media if they are willing to host. This event is part of Refract, the big 4-day Seattle area glass celebration). Please contact Karen Seymour (206-525-1577) for more information.

Last year’s tour map

Regional Glass Events: Reviews & Upcoming

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In-person glass events are starting up again. Here are Images from some events this spring, followed by a list of summer events and a few application deadlines.

The ArtInBloomSeattle.com garden art tour this April started out very wet (the birdbaths were self-filling). Here’s site #2 showing art by sponsor Lael Bennett, member Karen Seymour, and friend Andi Ficker

Buyers were enthusiastic and grateful to actually talk to artists and touch handmade art again. Visitors all wore masks but were thankful to finally be vaccinated and able to foresee a return to normal.

Sorticulture in Everett WA is the NW’s largest outdoor garden art festival

Marcus Harper announced he now has a gallery in Tacoma WA
Maria Ruano of Seattle’s Bedrock Industries fuses recycled glass
BC artist Sean Goddard with his glass and metal insects

Many vendors were nearly sold out of their work by Sunday afternoon. This bodes well for the coming summer

Summer starts slow with several shows still virtual, but by August most events are in-person.

Application deadlines for some fall events are also listed below:

(Guild sponsored events are bolded)


11 Art In The Garden, Brush Prairie (near Vancouver WA)
16-25 Salem Art Fair and Festival, usually Salem, OR but virtual this year
17 Art In The Garden, Battle Ground WA
18 Guild General Meeting: Inclusions and Reactions 2 pm via Zoom
21-Aug 4 Bellevue Art Museum Arts Festival, usually Bellevue WA but virtual this year
23-Aug 2 Sooke Fine Arts Show, usually Sooke BC but virtual this year


5 Portland Bead Society Bead and Creative Arts festival vendor applications due Aug 5, show is Oct 9-10.
6-8 Anacortes Arts Festival, Anacortes WA
15 Guild Picnic 11:30 am Seattle in-person (and Zoom?)
15 Portland/Vancouver area Open Studios applications due (see related article)
21-22 Fresh Paint, Everett WA
21 Guild Board Meeting
22 Guild Picnic 4pm Portland in-person (and Zoom?)
21-22 Whidbey Working Artists Summer Studio Tour, Whidbey Island WA
27-29 Edmonds Art Festival Edmonds WA
27-29? Arts In The Garden, Bellevue WA

4-6 Art In the Pearl, Portland OR
4-6 Bellevue Downtown Arts Market Bellevue WA
10-12 Art In The Park Boise ID
18-19 Pacific NW Glass Guild Open Studios, Portland OR (apply by August 15th, see related article)

Featured Sponsor: Roses Glassworks

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In the beginning, there was Roses Glass & Gifts. A small gift shop that included stained glass and lessons.
Several years later a fair Damsel named Pam stumbled across this store, took some lessons, became a teacher, and thus decided to purchase this small store with her husband Mitch – The knight in dented armor.

Over the next year, the store was registered as “Roses Glassworks Art Glass School Inc.” The small building was cleaned, painted , gifts gone – glass art filled the studio, inventory changed and expanded, everyone happy, and the Kingdom thrived.

Roses has not only survived the last couple decades under the tender care of Pam and Mitch, but has grown to be a first class adult art school, glass art studio and retail supplier giving people almost anything they could desire within the Art Glass Realm.

Roses Glassworks carries 96 COE fusible glass with supplies, many different manufacturers of stained glass, clear textured glass, and above all, Roses Glassworks strives to keep all the dragons at bay by keeping all shelves full.

Come visit us some fortnight, or seek us out online. www.rosesglassworks.com / (5030 246-9897
Roses Glassworks Art Glass School , 10105 SW Hall Blvd. Portland Oregon 97223
info@rosesglassworks.com Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 6pm , Friday 10am – 3pm , Saturday 10am – 4pm

Welcome to Our Newest Sponsors

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Marvelous Mosaics

Marvelous Mosaic specializes in stained glass on glass mosaics. We offer retreats, classes, custom mosaics, shower and backslash installs and much more! https://marvelousmosaic.com/

Kory Dollar is a stained glass mosaic artist from the Pacific Northwest. She has been creating colorful mosaics for 23 years and is a self-taught artist.
Kory uses a wide range of materials to create her mosaics searching far and wide for unique bits and pieces that can be turned into treasures. She strives to keep items out of the landfill by recycling stained glass, antique bottles, vintage windows, and just about any piece she can find beauty in. She uses color and texture to create 3-dimensional elements in nature and fantasy. All of the works of art she creates are one-of-a-kind and assembled one piece at a time, making sure every piece is placed perfectly. Kory uses a broad range of materials, shaping them to fit like puzzle pieces, combining texture, reflectivity, and spacing to achieve her vision. She is intrigued by mandalas, nature, and the human body. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings; “I watch nature and people, studying movement, expression, tone, and light. I allow my imagination free reign, creating vivid themes and dramatic expressions for others to interpret.”

Glass Expressions

Glass Expressions has been in business in Burien since 1974.  Glass Expressions sells fusing glass and supplies in addition to standard stained glass supplies. We’ve been doing custom stained glass projects and repairs since 1983. M Kathy Johnson teaches basic stained glass and bead making. Her business partner, Lael Bennett teaches beginning fusing, reactive glass fusing and jewellery fusing classes. In normal times we offer our students and semi-experienced stained glass artists an open-lab membership program. We also have kilns available for firing projects for customers who don’t have their own kilns. “We hope to see you soon.”


Thanks to our Sponsors!

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These companies and organizations are an integral part of the glass art community. We thank our Sponsors for supporting our Guild through either generous donations or by offering discounts to our Members. Please take time to thank them for their generosity when you visit their businesses.

Gold Level Sponsors

Skutt logo

Silver Level Sponsors

Colour de Verre – Artifex Toolworks – Glass Alchemy – D&L Art Glass – HIS Glass Works – Bonny Doon