George Kjaer, an amateur glass blower from Eugene, Oregon, created the Oregon Glass Guild.  He envisioned an organization that would nurture emerging glass artists, offer opportunities to network for the established artists and introduce the general public to the intricacies of the world of art glass.  We are quite thankful for the success of his efforts. 

Our Guild began as separate localized glass guilds which in 2000 merged into a statewide non-profit organization, the OregonGlass Guild. Localized Oregon guild chapters in Portland, Eugene, and the Gorge continued under this umbrella for quite some time. Mean while glass afficionados from BC, Washington, Montana and even further away were joining.

In 2019, the OGG Board decided to recognize the need for a supportive organization throughout the whole Pacific NW region and changed our name to the Pacific NW Glass Guild. With the 2020 pandemic, PNW Glass Guild readily expanded to include a greater online presence. A new website and meetings via Zoom will allow us to help beginners grow their glass skills and find others who share their interest as well as to help more experienced glass artists market their work and their classes throughout the region.

Stay tuned for a more complete history!!!

George Kjaer, OGG Founder