We’re always looking for volunteers. If you have an interest in helping the Guild and glass in our region thrive, please contact the person in charge of something that you have the skills to help or want to learn more about.

You can forward your message to the proper person with this form.

Planning Team

Plans and coordinates Guild events
Lead: President, Terry Thomas
Members of the Board and volunteers for specific events

Specific Events:
Gathering of the Guilds, Portland April 28-30, 2023
Lesley Kelly

Rose Festival booth May-June 2023
Carlyne Lynch and Terry Thomas
Vendor Fair Portland ?
Linda Gerrard

Open Studios, Portland: September ? 2023
Linda Gerrard ?

Glass And Decor Studio Tour, Seattle: October 14-15, 2023
Karen Seymour

Guild Information Team

Keeps Guild information up to date; posts minutes and other Guild documents on the website
Contact President Terry Thomas

  • Guild Business posts: President, Terry Thomas
  • Guild Minutes and other Guild Documents: Secretary Haley Wigent
  • About the Guild Mission, Goals, Board, Committees and Teams, and Guild History: various Board members

Education Team

Helps inform people about glass and helps members share information between glass artists at different levels of experience so we can all learn from each other at General meetings and other Guild events.
Contact Terry Thomas

  • General Meeting set up and posting: VP, Rachel Dollar
  • Glass Arts pages writers: NEEDED
  • Guild-sponsored class coordinator: NEEDED
  • Play Days coordinator: Carlyne Lynch
  • Posting videos on YouTube and links to website: Secretary, Haley Wigent (Karen Seymour and Carlyne Lynch backup)
  • Posting reviews of events: NEEDED

Membership Team

Coordinates membership and member benefits, distributes membership info at events.
Contact: Rae Williamson

  • Membership Chair: Rae Williamson
  • Sponsorship Chair: Linda Gerrard coordinates membership benefits
  • FB Members group moderator: Janine Fitzpatrick

Sponsorship Team

Communicates with sponsors and helps inform the membership of the benefits sponsors are offering, coordinates the Vendor Fair.
Contact: Linda Gerrard

  • Sponsor Contact: Linda Gerrard
  • Vendor Fair: Linda Gerrard and Rose McBride

Publicity Team

Helps get the word out about current Guild events including keeping the public face of the website current.
Contact Greta Schneider

  • Newsletter Chair: Greta Schneider
  • Newsletter assembly: Greta Schneider and Rae Williamson plus Karen Seymour and several other contributors
  • Home Page editor: NEEDED (Karen Seymour is backup)
  • FB page moderator: Kory and Rachel Dollar (Karen Seymour is backup)
  • Guild Events postings: Rachel Dollar (Karen Seymour is backup)

Communications Team

Coordinates the flow of information from forms to the proper email campaigns to reach members and the public. This includes forms for classifieds, member-submitted events, as well as Zoom information.
Contact Stephanie Johnston

  • Communications Chair: Stephanie Johnston
  • Classifieds postings: Stephanie Johnston (Karen Seymour is backup)
  • Responding to form requests: Stephanie Johnston (Karen Seymour is backup)
  • Member-Submitted Events form: Stephanie Johnston (Karen Seymour is backup)
  • Mailchimp Manager (keeps campaigns going out smoothly, manages member problems with emails, reports statistics to Board): Rae Williamson and Karen Seymour
  • Zoom Manager: Terry Thomas (Rachel Dollar as backup)

Website Team

Keeps website functioning smoothly. Untangles glitches, trains editors to post, helps visitors and members interact with the website, writing Website Help, organizing and deleting old posts
Contact: Karen Seymour

  • Website Chair: Karen Seymour
  • Webmaster: Christ Ann T, contractor
  • Web-Help: Karen Seymour, 2 or 3 additional volunteers NEEDED