Thank You to all Gathering of the Guilds Participants

At the recent Gathering of the Guilds PNW Glass Guild members Kory and Rachel Dollar, Sharon Dunham, Janiene Fitzpatrick, Kim Lawrence, Carlyne Lynch, Lesley Kelly, Lyn Kennison, Mari Aoki Knight, Mitzi Kugler, Lisa Mustain, Rose and Gerald McBride, Karla Fant Piatt, and Greta Schneider proudly showcased their work. Everyone praised Lesley Kelly’s ability to keep everything running smoothly. Carlyne Lynch did publicity. Mitzi Kugler coordinated and scheduled volunteers. Linda Roman and Kate Nichols handled sales in the group booth. There were also many additional volunteers without which the show couldn’t have happened: Shelby Anderson, Kim Graham, Jennifer Hart, Anita Harting, Kevin Kanyo, Teresa Kaufman, Barbara Kienle, Gary Knight, Kari Kugler, Rob Lawrence, Eric True, Mr. Piatt, Debbie Vourtas, Kathie Wise as well as several others whose names didn’t get written down. We thank you all.

General Meeting Sunday
May 22nd, 3:30 pm, Zoom

Topic: Review of recent shows

Talk about shows: Gathering of the Guilds sucesses and what we can do differently next time. We’d also appreciate hearing how other recent shows went and how they dealt with various issues. And we can discuss future events like the Guild Picnics, Open Studios etc..

You don’t have to be a member to come to our General Meetings. See the event listing for more.

Board meeting Tuesday May 24th 7pm, Zoom

See the event listing for the agenda and other details

Play Day: Photographing Your Work, Sunday June 12th, 12:30pm

In Seattle (hopefully also on Zoom: see event listing)

It’s hard to get around to photographing your recent work but in this age of everything-on-line it’s more important then ever to keep up.

Bring a camera or cell phone and some of your glass over to Karen Seymour‘s (near the Zoo in Seattle) and we’ll make an afternoon of it. If you’re an experienced photographer with proper lights and tents, think about bringing them along to help those who haven’t quite gotten there.

Play Days are member only events: Please Join the Guild before attending

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are many spots in the organization where we’d love some help. Some take only a few minutes a week, some are an hour or two a month: join one of the teams tying the glass community together.

Right now we especially need a volunteer to do the back-end WordPress core and plug-in updates. See the Idealist ad.

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